Friday, January 10, 2014

Brianne Chantal Loves Her Some DMCA Claims

It's been well documented that Brianne loves.. and I do mean loves to file false DMCA claims against others.

Its one of her "go to" signature moves when harassing someone or when she is desperate to get damning information taken down about her.

Im no stranger to her trying these tactics against me.. every time I counter and every time she is unable to prove her claims of ownership/copyright. Every. Single. Time. 

Recently she tried this again. When I made this post about Kelly Clarkson being the victim of Brianne, a notorious stalker. The post I made was dated December 11, 2013. 

For those of you who have never had to make out a copyright claim or have never received one, I'll try to break it down for you. 

When you make a claim out you will be asked where the original text, picture(s), etc is located. Notice in snippet below Brianne notes that the Kelly Clarkson post originally appeared on her blog.WHY in the world she would claim she wrote such a post about herself is just part of her crazy. In Brianne's world the end justifies the means.

Next you're  prompted to identify the text/picture that you're claiming to be your own. Here she claimed the entire post, word for word, was hers. 

Finally you will be asked to identify where the material you're claiming as your own (the offending material) is located before signing your name (digitally) under penalty of perjury that what you're claiming to be yours .. is in fact yours. As you can see Brianne has identified this blog and has no compunction about LYING when signing her name. 

You can read the take down request in it's entirety by clicking HERE

I should note here, my post.. the original post.. was never taken down and I never had to counter claim this particular LIE Brianne tried to perpetuate.

I also learned while looking into this that I supposedly made take down requests on other sites that I did not. While I cant go into that at this, rest assured when I can.. I will. 

So Brianne, go ahead get on your bike and start trying to backpedal out of this one.. I'll wait. 

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Anonymous said...

You couldn't have written that blog about her if SHE didn't START all the lies about Brandon's supposed cheating in the first place, so maybe that's why she's trying to claim ownership, lol.

Brianne, it's time to check yourself in honey.

Holly Briley said...

She tried to claim ownership so that Google(who owns blogspot) would pull it off of here and the truth about her crime against Kelly and Brandon would be gone. She should know.. I ALWAYS counter her claims if I get them ...and I ALWAYS have this blog backed up..and up .. and up. :)