Thursday, January 16, 2014

#BB - Proof. Brianne Chantal Patterson Was Behind Prayers For Tilly Godwin Facebook Page

Oh Brianne. What are we going to do with you? First you make a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog called Prayers For Tilly Godwin. 

When the shit begins to hit the fan you decide to change the bio of the Twitter account to make it look like I opened and operated it. Bullshit. 

BUT .. when it was revealed that you trolled another child with an illness, your desperation, like it always does, tripped you up. 

You took to the Tilly facebook page, changed it up and tried to make it look like I ran it too. Below are two screen shots of the entire page before it was once again taken down. 

You even provided a link to this blog while claiming to be me explaining why I made the page and how I would deny it. How about PROVE it? That works better for me... though probably not for you.You can see both pages as they appeared online by clicking HERE and  HERE. You may have to click them twice to enlarge enough.

 Nice touch by the way having some of your made up accounts followers chime in. 

Now. Let's get to the proving it was you who made this page, shall we?

There is a little thing on the internet called cache. Its a pretty wonderful thing when it comes to shoving liars faces in there lies. With a few Google searches I was able to find more than one place where YOU posted links to the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page and encouraged people to join it. 

While the "Gossip Gypsy" blog no longer exists, I was able to find the cache to the above linked post. See below. Notice the information in gray. This indicates cache from the search. Click HERE to see the gray area information as it appeared online. You may have to double click it to see clearly and large enough.

And in that red box outlined above ... Guess what was found? Brianne admitting to being the administrator of the Prayers For Tilly Godwin Page! *GASPS*

The above comment was left by Brianne on the blog, Big Brother Spice on the post titled 'Britney Haynes' Baby Has Cancer #PrayForTilly. 

You can also view the above linked page by clicking HERE where you can read it as it appears online.

Then there is another thing called Disqus. Many of us, including me use it when commenting to blogs. Brianne is no different.. but when she used it, she also linked to the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page, once again encouraging people to join. 

This comment is located on The Examiner on the story titled ‘Big Brother's’ Britney Haynes Godwin’s baby girl Tilly diagnosed with cancer.' 
You can also view the page in its entirety by clicking HERE. There you can enlarge it and read it as it appears online.

Now before Brianne screams I was impersonating her on this comment, I made a comment to it this morning. 

This is a highlight of her Disqus account advertising the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page that she has nothing to do with all while encouraging people to join it.

Just in case there is still a lingering doubt that I somehow made a time machine, jumped into it, traveled back in time and dropped comments as Brianne.. here is a little gem from her Disqus account where she she has commented on a story about Do and Donts when auditing for Big Brother.

You can read the entire story by clicking HERE. And when you do you will discover Brianne posting as the account above ... the one she'll no doubt try to deny is hers. 

Would you look at that.... another link to HER blog. Oh ... and sorry old girl you didnt get picked to be on the show. Guess you can just add Big Brother to that long long list of rejections you've had. 

BUT .. if there is still any doubt (and because I'm tired of screen capping her crazy) you can view her entire Disqus account by clicking HEREAnd HERE - You may have to click twice to enlarge enough. And in the interest of transparency, you can view mine by clicking HERE.  

Then there is the times you stumped for the page on your blogs, even gave the readers a place to leave messages for "Binder of Love."  You can see your personal blog post about it HERE and your Gossiping Pens blog post about it HERE. I shot the entire page so that you couldn't scream "photoshopped" again. Thanks to Way Back Machine for these two. You may need to click on image twice to enlarge enough to read.
So now I think we can safely powder and diaper this baby and put it to bed. 

The TRUTH about who REALLY opened, administered and posted as the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page has been proven to be none other than Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

SIDE NOTE:  Brianne, next time you put me on Ripoff ... at least have the balls enough to use your own name. Don't be such a coward, its not like everyone doesn't already know its you.

I can assure you when I counter your latest LIE on there (click HERE to read) Im going to use MY real name.

UPDATE:  I submitted my Ripoff report counter report and got an email that it has been received and is being reviewed. See their email back to me below:

And as expected - Brianne (posting as Ella .. because apparently she really is a coward ) has already started the defense of... well you can see below. 

As to "Ella's" claims I photoshopped "before" - well that is not entirely true either. What I did do is to prove how easily text messages, etc can be faked. I did this at the time because Brianne was posting and had posted threats that myself and my husband supposedly sent her. Before this happened, I had no idea these things could be faked. But they can. And the RCMP is aware of this well as being aware of the fact that I right up front ADMITTED the fakery.... and why. You can read all about that by clicking HERE. 

Ripoff Report posted my rebuttal .. and as promised.. I signed my name to it. Unlike some cyberterrorist cowards *cough cough Brianne Chantal *cough *cough I dont use 234354545897 fake names. Brave enough to say it - Brave enough to sign it. You can read it by clicking HERE, or see screen shot below. 


LB said...

Now that is one Busted Bitch.
Great job Holly I'm going to make sure everyone on my BB forum sees this.

Anonymous said...

Posts ripoff report under Ella V? LOL. If there is credibility to accusing someone of being unethical, etc., you will stand by your reports, using your real name. After all, there is nothing to hide when it comes to telling the truth. I don't know Holly personally. What I've observed in Brianne is a girl who has a multiple personality disorder when it comes to her 100's (not exaggerated) twitter accounts, forum posts handles, comment posts under hundreds of hats, on various sites, etc. Holly has done a good job proving and linking these accounts and posts to Brianne on her blog. Brianne has NEVER been able to do the same. It's always the same tactic. Fabricate a story and run with it, but can never stand by it with facts. EVER. When it comes to back peddling and covering up her lies, she's quite sloppy and thoughtless, still leaving a trail to her cunning internet deceptions, defamations, fraudulence, slander, and big time falsehoods. I've also discovered her history of stalking, harassing, cyberbulling and posting on a gaggle of entertainment sites or forums, which go back long before her encounters with Holly. Again, Holly has posted many of the links tied to Brianne's internet sickness, but I've also found links going back further, that prove she is not in her right mind. Brianne's history of using children and posting their names, publicly (to further her...what causes, exactly???), proceeds her ignoramic cowardice It's unacceptable and unforgivable. That's what Brianne is, ultimately. A big, fat, cud chewing coward, who needs infinite disguises on the internet, to get...what done, exactly????

I sense, however, her fun is nearly done. To that, I say good riddance and enjoy group therapy.

Anonymous said...

LMFAO Holly you're rocking it today. She keeps lying and you keep proving she is liar. Stick a fork in her - she's done.

Holly Briley said...

By "stick a fork in her" you mean figuratively, right? Wouldn't want the RCMP beating down your doors because Brianne went screaming "I'm being threatened" ;)

Anonymous said...

Brianne is a disgusting human being. As soon as the shit hits the fan she tries to put the blame on you when anyone with a brain can see who the crazy one is.

Anonymous said...

Wow. How do you have time for all of this? I am really amazed by how thorough you are.

My other question---- how come she isn't in jail or institutionalized? I know you don't have the answer to that, I was mostly asking hypothetically. I do wonder, though.

And--- how come the famous people she impersonates online, and stalks, etc., don't get their lawyers to do something about her? Maybe anyone who has been victimized by Brianne should contact their agents and let them know how unstable she really is. Maybe that would help get her put where she belongs.

Holly Briley said...

TBH.. I have people sending me stuff on Brianne all the time. A lot of people do not like her and a lot of people know she is pathological but are afraid to call her out because theyve seen what she has done to me, my family ... most recently my daughter and/or to others. As for celebrities... something tells me she's been called on the carpet about some of her lies about them too.

Anonymous said...

Brianne put the Tilly page back up, changed the name to "Prayers For Till" and is saying it was hacked yesterday.
Can you spell desperate?

Holly Briley said...

LOL.. Thanks for the heads up. And yes, I think we all spell "desperate" the same way -
B-r-i-a-n-n-e. ;) Hacked? Pffft. That is the excuse everyone uses when they get caught in a big fat online lie, then gets called out on it.

Jodi said...

I hope Brianne sues you for what you did to the Prayers For Tilly facebook page and then I hope Karma knocks on your door and kicks your teeth in you bitch.

Holly Briley said...

Sues me for what I did to the page? You mean like outing Brianne as the admin.. even when she tried to deny it, pin it on me and pretend to be hacked? Thanks btw for confirming it'd her. I hope she does sue me, because when she does she will be subject to the same discovery .. and Im sure her computer holds many many secrets, not to mention Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger.. all of them. IP secrets to start with. Yes... do sue me. I welcome it.

Karma. Yepp she is a powerful bitch.. and Im sure Karma will most definitely kick that bitch in the teeth.I do hope the Canadian Government's free health care provides for dentures. Something tells me when Karma is done kicking Hairy McScary may need them.

Kathleen said...

Holly, did your rebuttal ever get posted on Rip Off Report?

Holly Briley said...

Kathleen .. Yes they did and thank you so much for reminding me. I updated post to include the rebuttal. :)
- Holly