Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Port Charles #GH #RyanPaevey

A few days ago I was made aware that Brianne was probably up to her old ways of impersonating celebrities and other high profile people on Twitter.Most recently she opened not one, but THREE accounts impersonating the television show, HLN After Dark. 1 2 3.

The person she was said to be impersonating was Ryan Paevey a recent added cast member of the long running soap opera, General Hospital. Brianne has long tweeted and written about her love of this show, so I knew it could be a real possibility she would be doing this. When I checked this account out, I had no doubt that it was indeed Brianne behind it. She always gives herself away either with her verbiage or the content of the tweets. Even when she tries to change it up, she never quite gets it right. While I cant give away all the ways I know these accounts are her (because that would only benefit her) trust me when I say... they are.

Many people were tricked by this account, including some of the people from the show. It took one account, @JusticePonder to confirm what so many already suspected ... the account was indeed fake. 

Before Justice & Ponder made this announcement, Brianne as the fake Ryan account took the time to tweet to me. Typical Brianne M.O. Though you have to admit its just a little bit precious deluded that Brianne would think I would really believe that a celebrity would take the time to 1) do this and 2) defend her.

At the same time she was tweeting me under the fake Ryan name, she birthed not one.. but THREE brand new sock accounts to come to her rescue.

Not long after this, the fake Ryan account locked up, then disappeared all together. 

In its place was an account calling itself @Rebpat1135  who has been on an all out twitter storm taking credit for creating the fake account ... oh yeah... its also claiming to be me. LOL! Its not and I have reported it to Twitter for impersonation as well as abuse. Below is the screen shot of this account as it appeared 1/4/2014 at 1:46 pm EST. 

Because the above images may be hard to see on some screens, I have also downloaded them into an album on Imgur which you can see by clicking HERE. 

Brianne then takes to her blog, Gossiping Pens ( wtf is a "gossiping pen" anyways?) to out the bad impersonator, while simultaneously throwing herself under the bus. 

It would be interesting to know what Brianne tweeted about all of this, but much like a few of her alt accounts... her main Twitter account @BrianneChantal got suspended from Twitter yesterday.  However, we can still view some of the responses and tweets from others to and about her thanks to Topsy. Click HERE to view them for last 30 days. You can also view the fake Ryan's tweets on Topsy by clicking HERE. You can also view the fake Ryan's tweets on Topsy by clicking HERE.

 I have also sent a letter to request preservation of her many accounts of yesterday including the Ryan one. I foresee legal action on this one, and have to make sure that all evidence is preserved. 

You see.. I can and WILL prove that I was not behind the fake Ryan account. Sadly, I doubt if Brianne can do the same. 

You're slipping old girl. You're slipping hard. I only hope I'm there to see you hit the bottom.


Carla said...

Keep up the good work in bringing this lunatics crimes to light. You seem to be the only she is afraid of because you don't cower from her. There are plenty of us rooting you on.

Anonymous said...

Holly, please tell me you have a protection order from Brianne. She's come unhinged. I've never seen her so desperate in her stalking of you. Things have escalated. This is not good. Take her delusions VERY seriously please.

Holly Briley said...

She did in the past threaten me and that is on file both in her area (Burnaby, BC) as well as with my local law enforcement agencies.
All that being said, I protect myself... always. You are right though, she has become completely unhinged as of late.. so just IN CASE I should be found face down somewhere .. this blog and my numerous files, screen shots, etc will serve as my witness.
Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone she has harassed will do something about her.

I would like to know why the actors she targets never seem to file anything against her. Most of them have lawyers on retainer, or have easy access to legal representation, so why not use it?

Such a shame they don't. She needs to be locked away. She is a menace.

Holly Briley said...

Most celebs probably just consider her a nuisance but based on some of the stats and correspondence Ive received I wouldnt say ALL do. :)

Krista said...

Holly Briley you need to be exterminated. We know all about you because Brianne had the bravery to stand up to you and tell the world about you being a cyber-bully and stalker.
Leave Ryan and Brianne alone. We're watching you.

Holly Briley said...

Hi there Krista.. or should I say Brianne?
Youre slipping old girl. Not only have you used ..and got busted for using the alt name "Krista"
You also forgot to use an anonymous proxy when you commented. OOPSIE.. that Burnaby British Columbia IP address of yours - 49.*5-122.** - came through. Want me to tell you want system you're using as well?

Anonymous said...

Hey Brianna...isn't Krista one of your favorite handles from the past?Bravery requires recycling old hats to hide under, and continue messing around with Holly and other innocent people who didn't ask to be harassed by the likes of your sociopathy? Or shall we call you Tiona? Or Rebpat? Or..Ryan Peavy? Or Tony Geary? That's the same IP I got too, Holly.

Sit down, stfu Brianne and take your meds. You have NO idea how many are on to you and it's more than ever.

Leave Holly alone. Leave everyone else alone. Get off the net and get some help. You're hearing voices and seeing things...seriously. GET HELP!!!!

Krista said...

I'm not Brianne you stupid cow, I'm a very good friend of hers. Your the one who is a failure.

Holly Briley said...

Of course youre not "Krista" But think of this.. at least I didn't mention the Coquitlam connection.
OOPS.. my bad.

Anonymous said...

Brianne has no friends...ditch pig Brianne. No one stands up for you but you. Anyone with moral courage wouldn't stand up for a sociopathic, pathologically lying, crazy freak show like you. Brianne, time to admit yourself into your local asylum.