Tuesday, January 28, 2014

GossipingPens.com - BrianneChantal.com: 18039 Chatsworth Street, Los Angeles, California. UPDATED 1/31/14

This morning I received a Google alert to my name, when I followed the link it took me to an old lie Brianne had posted on her personal dot com, BrianneChantal(.)com.  I don't know why I got this alert so late, but in following it, I found more proof that Brianne Chantal does indeed own, run and administers The Gossiping Pens website .. even though she vehemently denies this. Remember ... I was being sent to her personal blog.. not Gossiping Pens. 

The story the link went to had since been taken down as it was one of the many her host made her remove because it contained my name. Below is a screenshot of what I saw in it's place.
Notice the underlined in red. Then notice the bottom of the screenshot - "Apache Server at www.briannechantal.com Port 80."


And just so that I can not be accused of photoshopping this, you can try it for yourselves. This is the link -  http://www.briannechantal.com/blog/2013/12/10/derek-pfeifer-holly-briley/.

As of today, Brianne's dot com blog looks like: 


All of this aside, the thing I found most interesting is .. it would appear by her Gossiping Pens registry, Brianne lives at a Kentucky Fried Chicken.. in LA, California. See the "registrants address" outlined in red. 


And that phone # she gave - 1-800-275-8777? That would be the US Post Office:












Can anyone say FRAUD?



No sooner than this post went up did the registry for Brianne's Gossiping Pens blog change. She has now placed her old Burnaby address on it as registrants address. And that phone number? Tsk Tsk Brianne. You know what I mean

Yes, Brianne this is your old address ... and its still a fraud. I wonder.. does your host know youre doing this.. you know... again? And please dont attempt to deny this because a nice lady at the RCMP ( you them, right?) is the reason I know its an old address and the reason I know where you call home now. ... dont worry though.. that'll be our little secret

She also has her other blog (that she swears she doesn't own) The Gossip Gypsy registered to this same address .. her old address. Hmmm.  Registrant information for it can be found HERE

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When All Else Fails - Claim You've Been Hacked

When I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was .. and is .. indeed Brianne Chantal Patterson behind the Prayers For Tilly Godwin Facebook page   (now renamed to Prayers For Tilly) she did what every online coward has done before her - she claimed the page was "hacked."

When she got  called out by one of the followers .. that followers statement and request were simply ignored.

Then the post.. and the supporter simply disappeared from the comments all together. Banned perhaps for daring to question ?? 

I laugh at Brianne calling this blog a "bully blog" while conveniently forgetting the MANY MANY blogs and postings containing LIES that she has done not only on me but on countless others. ... and continues to do them as evidenced above in the Tilly page post. 

No Brianne... its not a bully blog - its a TRUTH blog. You just dont like that the TRUTH IS ABOUT YOU. 

Did you think that you could get away with your actions forever and that no one would eventually take you to task? Think again. 

The only thing about you that got hacked was that considerable hairball you choked up when THE TRUTH was laid out. The TRUTH about ..... YOU. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

#BB - Proof. Brianne Chantal Patterson Was Behind Prayers For Tilly Godwin Facebook Page

Oh Brianne. What are we going to do with you? First you make a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog called Prayers For Tilly Godwin. 

When the shit begins to hit the fan you decide to change the bio of the Twitter account to make it look like I opened and operated it. Bullshit. 

BUT .. when it was revealed that you trolled another child with an illness, your desperation, like it always does, tripped you up. 

You took to the Tilly facebook page, changed it up and tried to make it look like I ran it too. Below are two screen shots of the entire page before it was once again taken down. 

You even provided a link to this blog while claiming to be me explaining why I made the page and how I would deny it. How about PROVE it? That works better for me... though probably not for you.You can see both pages as they appeared online by clicking HERE and  HERE. You may have to click them twice to enlarge enough.

 Nice touch by the way having some of your made up accounts followers chime in. 

Now. Let's get to the proving it was you who made this page, shall we?

There is a little thing on the internet called cache. Its a pretty wonderful thing when it comes to shoving liars faces in there lies. With a few Google searches I was able to find more than one place where YOU posted links to the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page and encouraged people to join it. 

While the "Gossip Gypsy" blog no longer exists, I was able to find the cache to the above linked post. See below. Notice the information in gray. This indicates cache from the search. Click HERE to see the gray area information as it appeared online. You may have to double click it to see clearly and large enough.

And in that red box outlined above ... Guess what was found? Brianne admitting to being the administrator of the Prayers For Tilly Godwin Page! *GASPS*

The above comment was left by Brianne on the blog, Big Brother Spice on the post titled 'Britney Haynes' Baby Has Cancer #PrayForTilly. 

You can also view the above linked page by clicking HERE where you can read it as it appears online.

Then there is another thing called Disqus. Many of us, including me use it when commenting to blogs. Brianne is no different.. but when she used it, she also linked to the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page, once again encouraging people to join. 

This comment is located on The Examiner on the story titled ‘Big Brother's’ Britney Haynes Godwin’s baby girl Tilly diagnosed with cancer.' 
You can also view the page in its entirety by clicking HERE. There you can enlarge it and read it as it appears online.

Now before Brianne screams I was impersonating her on this comment, I made a comment to it this morning. 

This is a highlight of her Disqus account advertising the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page that she has nothing to do with all while encouraging people to join it.

Just in case there is still a lingering doubt that I somehow made a time machine, jumped into it, traveled back in time and dropped comments as Brianne.. here is a little gem from her Disqus account where she she has commented on a story about Do and Donts when auditing for Big Brother.

You can read the entire story by clicking HERE. And when you do you will discover Brianne posting as the account above ... the one she'll no doubt try to deny is hers. 

Would you look at that.... another link to HER blog. Oh ... and sorry old girl you didnt get picked to be on the show. Guess you can just add Big Brother to that long long list of rejections you've had. 

BUT .. if there is still any doubt (and because I'm tired of screen capping her crazy) you can view her entire Disqus account by clicking HEREAnd HERE - You may have to click twice to enlarge enough. And in the interest of transparency, you can view mine by clicking HERE.  

Then there is the times you stumped for the page on your blogs, even gave the readers a place to leave messages for "Binder of Love."  You can see your personal blog post about it HERE and your Gossiping Pens blog post about it HERE. I shot the entire page so that you couldn't scream "photoshopped" again. Thanks to Way Back Machine for these two. You may need to click on image twice to enlarge enough to read.
So now I think we can safely powder and diaper this baby and put it to bed. 

The TRUTH about who REALLY opened, administered and posted as the Prayers For Tilly Godwin facebook page has been proven to be none other than Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

SIDE NOTE:  Brianne, next time you put me on Ripoff Report.com ... at least have the balls enough to use your own name. Don't be such a coward, its not like everyone doesn't already know its you.

I can assure you when I counter your latest LIE on there (click HERE to read) Im going to use MY real name.

UPDATE:  I submitted my Ripoff report counter report and got an email that it has been received and is being reviewed. See their email back to me below:

And as expected - Brianne (posting as Ella .. because apparently she really is a coward ) has already started the defense of... well you can see below. 

As to "Ella's" claims I photoshopped "before" - well that is not entirely true either. What I did do is to prove how easily text messages, etc can be faked. I did this at the time because Brianne was posting and had posted threats that myself and my husband supposedly sent her. Before this happened, I had no idea these things could be faked. But they can. And the RCMP is aware of this ...as well as being aware of the fact that I right up front ADMITTED the fakery.... and why. You can read all about that by clicking HERE. 

Ripoff Report posted my rebuttal .. and as promised.. I signed my name to it. Unlike some cyberterrorist cowards *cough cough Brianne Chantal *cough *cough I dont use 234354545897 fake names. Brave enough to say it - Brave enough to sign it. You can read it by clicking HERE, or see screen shot below. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Is It Bon Jovi, Children Or Just Anyone Getting More Attention Than You That You Despise?

Before Brianne used Tilly Godwin, it seems that she attacked another sick child and his family... because this child was given tickets to a Bon Jovi concert in Vancouver. 

I was tipped to this in an email, and there is a comment that alluded to this on The Dirty. 


While I can find very little about this as it seems to be localized to Brianne's area of Vancouver. There are some Google searches that reflect it. 

There is also a comment from someone named Pat Vitale Chadwick that would indicate Brianne's original post (which appears to have been removed) accused this boy's parents of using him and his illness for their own gain. 
**Side Note to Brianne - Unlike you, not everyone uses other people for their own personal gain 

Had this been a one time thing with Brianne, I may have given her the benefit of the doubt and just chalked it up to personal opinion on her part, but given what her history reveals and the recent events with the Tilly Godwin lies .. I cant say its its anything but what it truly is. Trolling and anger because someone got what she thought she deserved more. 

If It Weren't So Pathetic And Desperate - It Would Almost Be Laughable

The lengths that Brianne Chantal Patterson will go to in order to harass and imitate people
all while trying to get herself out the hot seat she chose to set in. 


Of course this is false, and it has been reported as impersonation to Twitter. 

Before this account locked up and deleted its tweets, I managed to get some screen shots. All of the tweets of this account were either about me, or to me. Talking to and stalking yourself might be Brianne's gig... but its not mine. 

Give it up Brianne... you'll never be me... regardless of how much you want to.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Brianne Chantal Rolling Down The River of Denial ....Again

It's already been established, mainly by her own admissions, that Brainne Chantal Peterson owns, operates not only the Prayers For Tilly Facebook page, but the Twitter account tied to this Facebook and the blog Prayers For Tilly Godwin, which contains not one single prayer for Tilly on it.. its simply another avenue for Brianne to harass and libel people on. 

Now that her (latest) scam has been discovered and she is being outed for using a baby as a pawn in her sick games, Hairy McScary is rolling down the river of Denial again. 

As posted on The Dirty today by Brianne Chantal herself "She doesn't even run that pages" that claims "Spicy" runs the Facebook page. Is Spicy now Kind of like that Sixth Spice Girl tweeter - O-B-V-I-O-U-S! 

While Hairy McScary - Brianne Chantal - may have been smart enough to take her name off the Facebook 'about' page.. but she kind of forgot about Twitter. 

Notice that big red arrow Brianne? That is my task bar on my laptop. Notice that date on there? It's TODAY. 

So hop in your dingy and paddle down that river .. just be sure to wear your life jacket.. because girl .. you drowning in YOUR own LIES.

Thanks to the person who tipped me off to this and Im going to look into that name you provided me with ..

Friday, January 10, 2014

Brianne Chantal - "Looks like 20k in a wig.- nik"

Since Im going to get the blame for this I figure what the hell... Im going to share it. 

Dirty Brianne has made The Dirty once again, and Nik thinks she "looks like 20k in a wig." 

Screen shot courtesy of TheDirty.com

 Read the entire entry by clicking HERE. 

Show of hands - Who thinks Brianne did this to herself to cry "victim" again?

Thanks to the person who DMd me. :) 

UPDATE: Wish I knew who you were "Anonymous" I'd like to shake your hand for your comment. So true. So very, very true.


For those of you who arent aware - in the last two years Brianne has claimed to have Cancer at least three times. This claim is only topped by her claim that she was pregnant, that she has claimed four times that I know of.

Hey Brianne Chantal - How About That "Binder Of Love?"

Remember when Brianne had that Facebook all about me Tilly Godwin and all the trolling of others and blatant self promotion prayers that were on there?

Remember that "Binder of Love" that was going to be made and sent out? 

You do? Well you're not alone. Seems others are also questioning the existence of it. 


 Maybe Brianne just lied her fat ass off about it like she always does just so that she could get a broader audience and promote her LIES of others forgot about it. 

After all, it looks like she's been really ... really busy. 

Update: Looks like she put the Facebook page back up:

Brianne Chantal - The Psycho That Never Quits

Everyone who has read this blog knows of the two year long nightmare I and my family have  been in because of Brianne Chantal Patterson aka Brianne Chantal's relentless lies about us.. mainly me and her cyber-stalking of me. If you don't already know the back story you can click HERE to get caught up to speed. 

Im not the only one she has ever done this to, though Im probably the only one who has taken her to task and not allowed her to get away with it. 

This is why every once in a while it's good to show some of the things that have been or is being said about her by others. Some are her other victims and some are just witnesses to her abuse and stalking. 

Full article can be found here - http://colianimp3weeblycom.weebly.com/famous-people--government-agencies.html

The above can be found here - http://ontdbb.livejournal.com/3937212.html - Scroll through arrows at top

 All of the above links plus many... many ... MANY more can be found by clicking HERE.