Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Latest Victim Of Notorious Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

For weeks now I have sat and watched as Brianne Chantal Patterson has harassed both Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock. She has done so under her own name as well as through her blog (now) titled The Gossip Gypsy. It was formerly known as The Gossiping Pens.

She has planted defamatory comments and postings about them on The Dirty (dot) com ... a usual stop for her when she wants to harass or defame someone.

One can only assume its because Brandon rebuffed her recently on Twitter by blocking her.  Coincidentally ( or not so much) this is when the cheating rumors started.

Brianne has spared no mercy upon them, even though she knows that Kelly is in the early stages of pregnancy.And today she, under her Gossip Gypsy account announces Kelly's hospitalization due to "stress." 

While she should be ashamed of herself for causing this stress, she is anything but. One look at her or her blogs Twitter accounts would reveal that not only is she not ashamed, but seems to be bragging. 

Brianne has long since professed to being a Kelly Clarkson fan and even went so far as to photoshop herself into a picture with Kelly Clarkson. Of course Patterson claims this picture is real .. and on the very off chance it is, this makes her current stalkings and harassment of Kelly and her husband even more vile, if that is even possible.

Brianne is typical of every other psychotically obsessed celebrity stalker. If the object of her affection rebuffs her, they will pay. Remember what she did to Peter Facinelli when he rebuffed her advances in a Vancouver hotel? If you don't, you can read about it HERE or HERE, where she tried to admit that she was in fact the women Peter was having an affair with... Another one of her lies that was easily proven to be just that... a lie. 
She is dangerous and I am certain that if given a chance she would be lethally dangerous to Kelly and/or any celebrity or anyone for that matter that stands in her way. 

Remember folks, many killers and psycho celebrity stalker/killers all use three names... just like Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

In the interest of truth and transparency, I want to share this with you dear readers.

Yesterday morning I opened my email to find the below picture:

It is terrifying to me to think that Brianne, the sociopathic stalker that she truly is, was close enough to Kelly Clarkson to do her harm. 

The look on Brianne's face and her body language tells quite the story in my opinion. She has a smirk on her face and in standing away from Kelly, almost as if she is repulsed or very pleased with herself knowing in her sick twisted mind she could hurt Kelly at anytime. Even the way Brianne is seeming to contort her body so that she maintains the maximum amount of distance between she and Kelly is troubling. 

Brianne may have at one time professed to be a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, but her body language tells a far different...rather troubling story. 

According to the website Izitru (a website that analyzes pictures for authenticity) there is a  probability the above picture of McScary and Kelly Clarkson has indeed been altered. You can read the report HERE or see screenshot below of analysis.  


Anonymous said...

Kelly is not in the hospital, she is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Lying, jealous bitches, please go away. Kelly is America's sweetheart, leave her and her husband, alone!!!

Holly Briley said...

I agree, Kelly is a sweetheart. The very fact that Brianne would float such a rumor is just another example of how sick she really is. No doubt, she got off on the idea that the stress she caused could make her sick and all Kelly's fans would be in a heightened state of concern. Brianne loves to cause people misery.

Anonymous said...

She also posted that Paul Walker was a terrible actor, the day he died, so there ya go

Holly Briley said...

Anonymous.. yes I remember she did that. I have a screenshot of that as well. She is pure evil through and through using tragedy for her own agendas.

Anonymous said...

First, we all know her natural hairline reveals a very large forehead. Her hair could not fall forward like that (other than a wig strategically, but not flattering, placed). The whole pic is a chop shop gone mental.

Holly Briley said...

Its a wig.. and a very bad one. She says she wears it because of a "medical condition." She goes between having cancer and being pregnant.. NONE of which are true.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a drag queen to me.