Monday, December 16, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Continues To Be Victim Of Retaliatory Cyber-terrorist And Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

As I wrote before Brianne will use any means necessary to further her agenda of cyberstalking, terrorizing and harassing her victims. 

We've all been witness to her recent harassment of Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon. 

Recently Brianne took the opportunity to use an innocent tweet Kelly did and used it against her ... just to further her terrorizing and harassment of her. 

This is the tweet Kelly tweeted: 

No sooner than Kelly tweeted this did Brianne scurry off to her rat hole blog to put her own stalker spin on it. 

While most of the blog post ( I have full screenshots should they be needed) is pretty tame, but the last few lines really tells why Brianne took the time to write this up. 

  Hate to break it to you Hairy McScary but Kelly is an American citizen and as such she has the right to Free Speech regardless of what you think. As for her "riding the coattails of a tragedy" HA HA HA - YOU know all about that don't you?

But as I said,  it is perhaps in the very last line of this post that reads; "especially when she has a lot to worry about" that Brianne reveals her true reason for writing it. You see it is a different color which means its a link to another story. In this case the other story is just more harassment of Kelly. 

As always, I have the full page copy of these posts should they ever be needed by Kelly or Brandon's legal team. 

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