Monday, December 16, 2013

Brianne Chantal Patterson Uses Tragedy To Push Her Agenda Of Hate

There comes a time when each of us regardless of what we may be thinking, we need to not express it. 

Most of us have that moral center, that little inner voice that tells us the circumstances at hand are more important than our own personal agendas. Most of us are sympathetic to the people that are being affected. Most of us.

Then there is Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

While I will not go into great detail about the actual event, as this is not the place. I will not name the exact place either as the victims do not deserve to be tied into it, I do need to make reference to it for the back ground of the post but will be as vague as possible. 

On Friday December 13, 2013 there was another school shooting in Colorado. As with any event like this social media explodes with commentary. 

It was during this time that I was having a Twitter conversation with someone regarding when is the appropriate time to talk about gun control after such an event occurs. I did not, and will not make my views known on this here because again.. not the time, not the place. I will go on record as saying I do not believe that immediately following such an event is not the time. 

As this person and I were tweeting back and forth Brianne decides to not only chime in, but in true Brianne fashion decided to make it all about her and her agenda of stalking and hate. She tweets the following to the person I was speaking to: 

 This is the entire conversation: 

As if this wasnt in poor enough taste, Brianne brought in an alt she birthed that morning to chime in and push her agenda. The alts name is Larry Bird and it had tweeted me earlier in the day, I just did not respond to it. Sometimes I play along with her games.. sometimes I dont. So without further adieu .... Here's Larry:


 As I said, earlier in the day 'Larry' was tweeting to me about Brianne. This is the entire Twitter thread of Brianne Chantal Larry Bird. 

Following one, the same one I was having the conversation with? LOL. Nothing suspect about that. 

Now you may be wondering how I know the alt was created that very day, and how I know its Brianne. Well as far as knowing how its Brianne...sadly over the nearly last two years she has cyberstalked me and my family Ive gotten to know her M.O.. As to how I know the alt was brand new? Technology darlings. You gotta love that little website that tells you when a particular (searchable) nickname/person joined Twitter. When I looked old Brianne Larry up it revealed he joined that day.

 BOOM! And that my friends is why its called BUSTED Bitches.

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