Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brianne Chantal Patterson Says "Let The Games Begin"

The above is a screenshot of how Brianne's (personal) blog looks now. It looked far different a few hours ago. A few hours ago it was littered with lies about me, and many more... but mostly me. 

Sadly (for her) she had to remove all content related to me such as my name which was all over the place when she received a take down notice from her blog host, Blue Host. 

Same occurred on her Gossip Gypsy blog. She received a take down notice to remove all content related to me. 

She can keep the blogs, just not put my name on it. This must not have gone over well with her as she posted the below screen shot on her Twitter account. Looks like she tried to get pissy about the notice she received and brought my age up. They weren't having it. 

When Brianne talks about "the games" I can only assume she's talking about the ones that she invented: 
  • False DMCA take downs
  • Placing her target on The Dirty [.] com, Rip Off Report [.] com and any other website she can find that allows this sort of thing
  • Creating multiple blog posts about them then linking it all over the place using one of her 45484856437836574874 alter identities, 
  • Filing complaints with her targets hosts if they blog, 
  • Falsely reporting them for spam and abuse on Twitter or any of the other social sites they may have accounts with, 
  • Making Facebook pages targeting her target 
  • Using one of her alter identities to make death threats against her then blames her target for it
  • Stalking her target.. their kids, family members then contacting their employers or universities/colleges
  •  Creating accounts in her targets name then using it to harass others and herself so she can come back later and blame her target
  •  Making out numerous false Police reports in both her locale (Burnaby BC) as well as in the town her target lives in. Then when they stop taking her calls, she faxes them until they finally tell her to stop. 
  •  Created petitions to take her target off the internet 
  •  Contact the newspapers in her targets town
  • Makes multiple posts on various blogs then comes back under a different name to blame her target for making them
  • Stalks and harasses anyone who happens to have the same last name as her target 
  • Posts her targets address and phone number and any other information she can find on them all over. Encourages others to harass them as well 
  •  Always plays the victim and when caught in her lies she simply blames others and moves on
  • Makes false texts messages and private messages that makes it look like her target is threatening her. 
  •  If and when her target defends themselves Brianne then tweets, posts and threatens cease and desist orders and law threats against target. She even goes so far as to forge and photoshop court papers and forms to "prove" it and intimidate her target.
I could go on and on and Im sure Im missing some of the more important ones, but I think you get the idea of what she is capable of. She is relentless in her vengeance and hate. 

So now that the tables are being turned on her and I truthfully contacted her host and requested a take down, she gets pissed. 

Oh Brianne.. be glad Im honest and will only do what I can legally and truthfully do to stop you.

YOU created these rules, now you have to play by them. 

Don't hate the player, hate the game. 


Anonymous said...

Go for it Holly!
Most people harassed by her give up quickly!
You don't!Tough girl, I send you a lot of power, never give up, the truth will win!

Lot's of love,

Anonymous said...

Why isn't she in jail? She sounds scary.

Holly Briley said...

Not in jail. YET. That's all I can say.

christopher said...

Could it be Brianne Chantal Patterson is upset about the article posted today on Scallywag exposing more of her lies, and possible impending legal action against her and of course the FBI now investigating her sorry ass? Retribution does seem to be Brianne’s forte…