Monday, December 16, 2013

Brianne Chantal Patterson Harasses Widow - Calls Her A Liar

Im sure we all remember hearing about or reading about Caran Johnson, the Washington state woman who unknowingly tweeted her own husbands death in a horrible car accident. 

As it was explained by CNN Johnson "is a local scanner aficionado and a follower of Finn's on Twitter, had learned about the accident. She turned to the micro-blogging site to post new details and to reach out to her community." Finn being Trooper William Finn a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol.

As soon as this horrible coincidence was revealed in the news Brianne decided to insert herself into the story.. something she does best. And rather than being supportive of this widow's plight, she decided to harass her and call her a liar. 

Brianne took to her blog and accused this woman of pulling off an internet hoax. 

 Brianne and her Gossip Gypsy account then took to Twitter to further harass this woman. When Mrs Johnson finally left Twitter because of the harassment, Brianne once again took to Twitter and her blog claiming a victory of sorts for having run this grieving woman offline. 

Its not enough that this woman lost her husband in a horrific accident; now she suffering more because Brianne Chantal, a worthless lowlife fame seeking cyberterrorist and liar decided to try to get her 15 minutes of fame by attacking her! 

Brianne Chantal Patterson. A truly repugnant act by a truly repugnant person. 

** If these posts by Brianne should magically disappear from her blog, never fear, I have full screenshots of them and will happily turn them over to Mrs Johnson's legal representatives.

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