Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brianne Chantal Patterson Continues To Use A Sick Child As A Pawn In Her Cyberterrorism Campaign While S/Talking To Herself Online

How is it that Brianne Chantal Patterson always seems to know when things are posted about her within minutes of them being posted? Google name alerts? I have that too, but it takes more than milliseconds to notify you something has been posted. 

Its more likely that SHE posts this stuff about her so that she will have a reason to come back and counter it all while she spews her hatred and special brand of cyberterrorism. 

Take for example, last night. On her Facebook page that is supposed to be for a sick child, the very one that yesterday she posted on there would be no more drama... you know, unless she makes it. 

There was a Live Journal post that had all of the past and recent LIES she has told about me or my family on it. Note the name on the account. There are some pretty funny comments here about her too.

Then within minutes of this being posted on Live Journal, it gets posted on her Facebook page bearing the same name .. as does her Twitter and blog. A blog which by the way has NOTHING posted about the child she is supposedly praying for...instead its being used to push her hate and terrorist stalker agenda. 

Facebook post - Ive taken the liberty of redacting the child's name though Im sure you know who I'm talking about by now. 

 Now Brianne can say she has nothing to do with this group or postings, but her name is all over it and the Twitter profile that goes with it. As always, if she deletes... I have screen shots. 

 Then there was some post on a site I'd never heard of. You can that here. I think it was an especially nice touch her adding my name to the post. Clearly this was deliberate on her part so that she could come back later and add her bullshit lies and links. People who have read this has said it sounds nothing like my writings. There is a good reason for this.. I didnt write it but IF I had written it I would have used my own name. Always do. 

Unlike Brianne, I have the balls to put my name on what I write.

It will be interesting to see what she comes up with as an explanation as to how she knows these things so fast. Maybe she'll blame her bff (Michael) again. Who knows. 

One thing I do know, she cant claim psychic abilities .. because Miss Cleo she is NOT.

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