Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beat Downs, Death Threats .. You're Busted .. Oh My!

Yesterday Brianne chose once again to trot out her troll and use a child with a grave illness as a pawn in her games of harassing and terrorizing people.. namely me. 

She made a Facebook page for this child, an entire blog for the child, though as of this writing, the only place the child is mentioned on the blog is in the title. The rest of the blog is dedicated to trashing me and another person who happened to have the audacity to call Brianne out of her bullshit. Yes, I have screen shots which I will not share here, but will share with the proper people should the need arise. 

While I will not name the child here as its unfair to have its name associated with this blog or this nasty business, I will say it is the child of a former reality tv show contestant. The reason I reveal this much is it is germaine to the rest of this post. 

A few months ago, early September there were a few tweets, etc from Brianne that stated I was trolling this child and telling its mother (it) deserved to die. While it goes without saying, I feel I need to say that I would never say or do such a thing. Ever. 

Since I never watched that particular show, I had no idea what this was all about. I had to Google it. When pushed to do so, Brianne never produced any of the tweets or postings she accused me of making. Let me say here, when I post I do so under my own name. I do not make up alt accounts .. and I never will. I have 2 Twitter accounts @HollysHere and @HollysHereAgain (this one I use when I dont have access to my original) I even have this information posted on my Twitter account as you can see below: 

Same goes with my Facebook page. The only exception to this is, I have it strictly for real life friends and family and rarely if ever post on any pages other than my local community ones. Any other Facebook page you see bearing my name would be an imposter. Same for Twitter. 

Now that we've settled that bit of housekeeping, we can proceed. 

While Brianne was lying about my making such statements, I received an email. The subject line read "Your a dead bitch." Now this surprised me, but it didn't. I get some pretty strange emails ... some nice.. some not so much. 

I opened the email to find it was from someone who I knew would not send me such an email. When I pulled down the headers I found the email originated from a poorly cloaked Canadian IP.  It was at this point I was pretty sure who was behind it, but to confirm I needed to post it. So I did. The only thing I did before I posted it was to black out the name of the sender. See below: 

No sooner than I posted it, Brianne and her (then) Gossiping Pens Twitter account came on to accuse me of sending this to myself. I didnt, but what I did find most telling was the fact that she named the exact sender of the email. Only I and the one who sent it would have known this. When this was pointed out, it kind of got dropped there. 

I know why Brianne accused me of sending this to myself... because she does this to herself. She makes alt accounts on Twitter to threaten herself, then plays the 'pity me' game. She did this as recent as a few days ago with this one: 

Then there was this one .. Ive redacted any names from it that would identify child. 

Then a few weeks ago, she was supposedly jumped in the streets, knocked down and kicked repeatedly on the streets by a stranger. She even posted a picture as proof. Only problem with the picture is it only shows an ice bag covering half her face, which is, if you ask me, her best look to date. 

  Now Im not sure about any of you, but if I had just been jumped the LAST thing I would be doing is getting on Twitter and tweeting about it. Especially if I were pregnant,and due in January... as Brianne claims she is ... again. 

These are Brianne's 'go to' scenarios. Yesterday was no different. As soon as the shit started hitting the fan because she was using a sick child as a reason to harass me, she once again begin receiving death threats. This was all posted on the Facebook page which she admittedly administers. While I wont post them here, you can bet your bottom dollar I have screenshots and will, if necessary release to the proper people. 

So it is for the above reasons and SO SO many more, I am awarding Brianne the Hook, Line & Sinker Award. She above anyone else really deserves it. 


Anonymous said...

This is beyond crazy. I liked the Facebook page you mentioned to show my support for the child and her mother. I do have to say that as soon as the death threats started coming I was suspicious of them, especially after checking out the page where they came from and her reluctance to report them. Also going back and seeing that some posts containing inaccurate information about the child were removed. Why? It's easy for people to say not to feed into her, I don't know what I would do in your situation. I would certainly want to defend myself I'm sure. I just think if those death threats were made up as I suspect they were that it's beyond wrong to put the threats and her personal drama on a page about a sick child.

Anonymous said...

I can post ss of an obvious brianne page posting death threats. Now I wouldn't question this accept she deleted and banned anyone else who challenged her drama, but those "death threats" remain.

Holly Briley said...

Anonymous.. you can post the link in here or you can email it to me. Email address at top of page under Contacts.
This sounds like something she does... all the time.

Anonymous said...

Of all the millions of twitter accounts, how would she, you know, suddenly know about the diebriannedie account? She posted on there practically right after it was created. It's so desperate.

And who tweets while miscarrying? Anyone? PLEASE, Patterson, for the love of sanity, GET HELP! This need for attention, victimizing yourself, and fantasizing that you're some kind of celebrity has gone beyond weird. It's criminally obsessive! You are a bonafide danger to society. In all this madness, that is THE TRUTH.