Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brianne Chantal - A Former Dancer And Choreographer?

LMAO! The only thing Brianne has ever danced around is the truth. But I have to give credit where credit is due .. she's a hella good choreographer ... OF LIES!

Shake your groove thing Hairy McScary. You bat shit crazy girl you! 

And This Burns Your Ass More Than Anything Doesn't It Brianne Chantal Patterson?

Brianne you dont have to be jealous of me just because I was on The Vinnie Politan Show, Nancy Grace, Inside Edition and CNN's Brooke Baldwin Show, not to mention several local news stations and papers. 

I mean just because I was INVITED and you had to audition (for BB Canada) only to be REJECTED is no reason to be jealous. 

One day you're recognition will come. Of course it might be courtesy of the 6 o'clock news, a mugshot and story of how you finally went completely off your rocker .. but knowing you, you'd be just fine with that. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Says "Let The Games Begin"

The above is a screenshot of how Brianne's (personal) blog looks now. It looked far different a few hours ago. A few hours ago it was littered with lies about me, and many more... but mostly me. 

Sadly (for her) she had to remove all content related to me such as my name which was all over the place when she received a take down notice from her blog host, Blue Host. 

Same occurred on her Gossip Gypsy blog. She received a take down notice to remove all content related to me. 

She can keep the blogs, just not put my name on it. This must not have gone over well with her as she posted the below screen shot on her Twitter account. Looks like she tried to get pissy about the notice she received and brought my age up. They weren't having it. 

When Brianne talks about "the games" I can only assume she's talking about the ones that she invented: 
  • False DMCA take downs
  • Placing her target on The Dirty [.] com, Rip Off Report [.] com and any other website she can find that allows this sort of thing
  • Creating multiple blog posts about them then linking it all over the place using one of her 45484856437836574874 alter identities, 
  • Filing complaints with her targets hosts if they blog, 
  • Falsely reporting them for spam and abuse on Twitter or any of the other social sites they may have accounts with, 
  • Making Facebook pages targeting her target 
  • Using one of her alter identities to make death threats against her then blames her target for it
  • Stalking her target.. their kids, family members then contacting their employers or universities/colleges
  •  Creating accounts in her targets name then using it to harass others and herself so she can come back later and blame her target
  •  Making out numerous false Police reports in both her locale (Burnaby BC) as well as in the town her target lives in. Then when they stop taking her calls, she faxes them until they finally tell her to stop. 
  •  Created petitions to take her target off the internet 
  •  Contact the newspapers in her targets town
  • Makes multiple posts on various blogs then comes back under a different name to blame her target for making them
  • Stalks and harasses anyone who happens to have the same last name as her target 
  • Posts her targets address and phone number and any other information she can find on them all over. Encourages others to harass them as well 
  •  Always plays the victim and when caught in her lies she simply blames others and moves on
  • Makes false texts messages and private messages that makes it look like her target is threatening her. 
  •  If and when her target defends themselves Brianne then tweets, posts and threatens cease and desist orders and law threats against target. She even goes so far as to forge and photoshop court papers and forms to "prove" it and intimidate her target.
I could go on and on and Im sure Im missing some of the more important ones, but I think you get the idea of what she is capable of. She is relentless in her vengeance and hate. 

So now that the tables are being turned on her and I truthfully contacted her host and requested a take down, she gets pissed. 

Oh Brianne.. be glad Im honest and will only do what I can legally and truthfully do to stop you.

YOU created these rules, now you have to play by them. 

Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Continues To Use A Sick Child As A Pawn In Her Cyberterrorism Campaign While S/Talking To Herself Online

How is it that Brianne Chantal Patterson always seems to know when things are posted about her within minutes of them being posted? Google name alerts? I have that too, but it takes more than milliseconds to notify you something has been posted. 

Its more likely that SHE posts this stuff about her so that she will have a reason to come back and counter it all while she spews her hatred and special brand of cyberterrorism. 

Take for example, last night. On her Facebook page that is supposed to be for a sick child, the very one that yesterday she posted on there would be no more drama... you know, unless she makes it. 

There was a Live Journal post that had all of the past and recent LIES she has told about me or my family on it. Note the name on the account. There are some pretty funny comments here about her too.

Then within minutes of this being posted on Live Journal, it gets posted on her Facebook page bearing the same name .. as does her Twitter and blog. A blog which by the way has NOTHING posted about the child she is supposedly praying for...instead its being used to push her hate and terrorist stalker agenda. 

Facebook post - Ive taken the liberty of redacting the child's name though Im sure you know who I'm talking about by now. 

 Now Brianne can say she has nothing to do with this group or postings, but her name is all over it and the Twitter profile that goes with it. As always, if she deletes... I have screen shots. 

 Then there was some post on a site I'd never heard of. You can that here. I think it was an especially nice touch her adding my name to the post. Clearly this was deliberate on her part so that she could come back later and add her bullshit lies and links. People who have read this has said it sounds nothing like my writings. There is a good reason for this.. I didnt write it but IF I had written it I would have used my own name. Always do. 

Unlike Brianne, I have the balls to put my name on what I write.

It will be interesting to see what she comes up with as an explanation as to how she knows these things so fast. Maybe she'll blame her bff (Michael) again. Who knows. 

One thing I do know, she cant claim psychic abilities .. because Miss Cleo she is NOT.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Beat Downs, Death Threats .. You're Busted .. Oh My!

Yesterday Brianne chose once again to trot out her troll and use a child with a grave illness as a pawn in her games of harassing and terrorizing people.. namely me. 

She made a Facebook page for this child, an entire blog for the child, though as of this writing, the only place the child is mentioned on the blog is in the title. The rest of the blog is dedicated to trashing me and another person who happened to have the audacity to call Brianne out of her bullshit. Yes, I have screen shots which I will not share here, but will share with the proper people should the need arise. 

While I will not name the child here as its unfair to have its name associated with this blog or this nasty business, I will say it is the child of a former reality tv show contestant. The reason I reveal this much is it is germaine to the rest of this post. 

A few months ago, early September there were a few tweets, etc from Brianne that stated I was trolling this child and telling its mother (it) deserved to die. While it goes without saying, I feel I need to say that I would never say or do such a thing. Ever. 

Since I never watched that particular show, I had no idea what this was all about. I had to Google it. When pushed to do so, Brianne never produced any of the tweets or postings she accused me of making. Let me say here, when I post I do so under my own name. I do not make up alt accounts .. and I never will. I have 2 Twitter accounts @HollysHere and @HollysHereAgain (this one I use when I dont have access to my original) I even have this information posted on my Twitter account as you can see below: 

Same goes with my Facebook page. The only exception to this is, I have it strictly for real life friends and family and rarely if ever post on any pages other than my local community ones. Any other Facebook page you see bearing my name would be an imposter. Same for Twitter. 

Now that we've settled that bit of housekeeping, we can proceed. 

While Brianne was lying about my making such statements, I received an email. The subject line read "Your a dead bitch." Now this surprised me, but it didn't. I get some pretty strange emails ... some nice.. some not so much. 

I opened the email to find it was from someone who I knew would not send me such an email. When I pulled down the headers I found the email originated from a poorly cloaked Canadian IP.  It was at this point I was pretty sure who was behind it, but to confirm I needed to post it. So I did. The only thing I did before I posted it was to black out the name of the sender. See below: 

No sooner than I posted it, Brianne and her (then) Gossiping Pens Twitter account came on to accuse me of sending this to myself. I didnt, but what I did find most telling was the fact that she named the exact sender of the email. Only I and the one who sent it would have known this. When this was pointed out, it kind of got dropped there. 

I know why Brianne accused me of sending this to myself... because she does this to herself. She makes alt accounts on Twitter to threaten herself, then plays the 'pity me' game. She did this as recent as a few days ago with this one: 

Then there was this one .. Ive redacted any names from it that would identify child. 

Then a few weeks ago, she was supposedly jumped in the streets, knocked down and kicked repeatedly on the streets by a stranger. She even posted a picture as proof. Only problem with the picture is it only shows an ice bag covering half her face, which is, if you ask me, her best look to date. 

  Now Im not sure about any of you, but if I had just been jumped the LAST thing I would be doing is getting on Twitter and tweeting about it. Especially if I were pregnant,and due in January... as Brianne claims she is ... again. 

These are Brianne's 'go to' scenarios. Yesterday was no different. As soon as the shit started hitting the fan because she was using a sick child as a reason to harass me, she once again begin receiving death threats. This was all posted on the Facebook page which she admittedly administers. While I wont post them here, you can bet your bottom dollar I have screenshots and will, if necessary release to the proper people. 

So it is for the above reasons and SO SO many more, I am awarding Brianne the Hook, Line & Sinker Award. She above anyone else really deserves it. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Continues To Be Victim Of Retaliatory Cyber-terrorist And Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

As I wrote before Brianne will use any means necessary to further her agenda of cyberstalking, terrorizing and harassing her victims. 

We've all been witness to her recent harassment of Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon. 

Recently Brianne took the opportunity to use an innocent tweet Kelly did and used it against her ... just to further her terrorizing and harassment of her. 

This is the tweet Kelly tweeted: 

No sooner than Kelly tweeted this did Brianne scurry off to her rat hole blog to put her own stalker spin on it. 

While most of the blog post ( I have full screenshots should they be needed) is pretty tame, but the last few lines really tells why Brianne took the time to write this up. 

  Hate to break it to you Hairy McScary but Kelly is an American citizen and as such she has the right to Free Speech regardless of what you think. As for her "riding the coattails of a tragedy" HA HA HA - YOU know all about that don't you?

But as I said,  it is perhaps in the very last line of this post that reads; "especially when she has a lot to worry about" that Brianne reveals her true reason for writing it. You see it is a different color which means its a link to another story. In this case the other story is just more harassment of Kelly. 

As always, I have the full page copy of these posts should they ever be needed by Kelly or Brandon's legal team. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Harasses Widow - Calls Her A Liar

Im sure we all remember hearing about or reading about Caran Johnson, the Washington state woman who unknowingly tweeted her own husbands death in a horrible car accident. 

As it was explained by CNN Johnson "is a local scanner aficionado and a follower of Finn's on Twitter, had learned about the accident. She turned to the micro-blogging site to post new details and to reach out to her community." Finn being Trooper William Finn a spokesman for the Washington State Patrol.

As soon as this horrible coincidence was revealed in the news Brianne decided to insert herself into the story.. something she does best. And rather than being supportive of this widow's plight, she decided to harass her and call her a liar. 

Brianne took to her blog and accused this woman of pulling off an internet hoax. 

 Brianne and her Gossip Gypsy account then took to Twitter to further harass this woman. When Mrs Johnson finally left Twitter because of the harassment, Brianne once again took to Twitter and her blog claiming a victory of sorts for having run this grieving woman offline. 

Its not enough that this woman lost her husband in a horrific accident; now she suffering more because Brianne Chantal, a worthless lowlife fame seeking cyberterrorist and liar decided to try to get her 15 minutes of fame by attacking her! 

Brianne Chantal Patterson. A truly repugnant act by a truly repugnant person. 

** If these posts by Brianne should magically disappear from her blog, never fear, I have full screenshots of them and will happily turn them over to Mrs Johnson's legal representatives.

Brianne Chantal Patterson Uses Tragedy To Push Her Agenda Of Hate

There comes a time when each of us regardless of what we may be thinking, we need to not express it. 

Most of us have that moral center, that little inner voice that tells us the circumstances at hand are more important than our own personal agendas. Most of us are sympathetic to the people that are being affected. Most of us.

Then there is Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

While I will not go into great detail about the actual event, as this is not the place. I will not name the exact place either as the victims do not deserve to be tied into it, I do need to make reference to it for the back ground of the post but will be as vague as possible. 

On Friday December 13, 2013 there was another school shooting in Colorado. As with any event like this social media explodes with commentary. 

It was during this time that I was having a Twitter conversation with someone regarding when is the appropriate time to talk about gun control after such an event occurs. I did not, and will not make my views known on this here because again.. not the time, not the place. I will go on record as saying I do not believe that immediately following such an event is not the time. 

As this person and I were tweeting back and forth Brianne decides to not only chime in, but in true Brianne fashion decided to make it all about her and her agenda of stalking and hate. She tweets the following to the person I was speaking to: 

 This is the entire conversation: 

As if this wasnt in poor enough taste, Brianne brought in an alt she birthed that morning to chime in and push her agenda. The alts name is Larry Bird and it had tweeted me earlier in the day, I just did not respond to it. Sometimes I play along with her games.. sometimes I dont. So without further adieu .... Here's Larry:


 As I said, earlier in the day 'Larry' was tweeting to me about Brianne. This is the entire Twitter thread of Brianne Chantal Larry Bird. 

Following one, the same one I was having the conversation with? LOL. Nothing suspect about that. 

Now you may be wondering how I know the alt was created that very day, and how I know its Brianne. Well as far as knowing how its Brianne...sadly over the nearly last two years she has cyberstalked me and my family Ive gotten to know her M.O.. As to how I know the alt was brand new? Technology darlings. You gotta love that little website that tells you when a particular (searchable) nickname/person joined Twitter. When I looked old Brianne Larry up it revealed he joined that day.

 BOOM! And that my friends is why its called BUSTED Bitches.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Brianne Chantal Patterson - Why Are You So Afraid Of A Re-Tweet?

Recently a Tweet was sent to Kelly Clarkson's husband Brandon Blackstock. It was a tweet with a link to this blog. Brandon re-tweeted it. 

 Brianne in her usual fashion went crying to Twitter with a FAKE DMCA claim (no doubt) and Twitter removed it. Now in place of the tweet you will find the following: 

So.. again I ask.. why are you so afraid of a little bitty tweet Hairy McScary? 

Afraid MORE people will find out the truth about you?


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kelly Clarkson Latest Victim Of Notorious Stalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

For weeks now I have sat and watched as Brianne Chantal Patterson has harassed both Kelly Clarkson and her husband, Brandon Blackstock. She has done so under her own name as well as through her blog (now) titled The Gossip Gypsy. It was formerly known as The Gossiping Pens.

She has planted defamatory comments and postings about them on The Dirty (dot) com ... a usual stop for her when she wants to harass or defame someone.

One can only assume its because Brandon rebuffed her recently on Twitter by blocking her.  Coincidentally ( or not so much) this is when the cheating rumors started.

Brianne has spared no mercy upon them, even though she knows that Kelly is in the early stages of pregnancy.And today she, under her Gossip Gypsy account announces Kelly's hospitalization due to "stress." 

While she should be ashamed of herself for causing this stress, she is anything but. One look at her or her blogs Twitter accounts would reveal that not only is she not ashamed, but seems to be bragging. 

Brianne has long since professed to being a Kelly Clarkson fan and even went so far as to photoshop herself into a picture with Kelly Clarkson. Of course Patterson claims this picture is real .. and on the very off chance it is, this makes her current stalkings and harassment of Kelly and her husband even more vile, if that is even possible.

Brianne is typical of every other psychotically obsessed celebrity stalker. If the object of her affection rebuffs her, they will pay. Remember what she did to Peter Facinelli when he rebuffed her advances in a Vancouver hotel? If you don't, you can read about it HERE or HERE, where she tried to admit that she was in fact the women Peter was having an affair with... Another one of her lies that was easily proven to be just that... a lie. 
She is dangerous and I am certain that if given a chance she would be lethally dangerous to Kelly and/or any celebrity or anyone for that matter that stands in her way. 

Remember folks, many killers and psycho celebrity stalker/killers all use three names... just like Brianne Chantal Patterson. 

In the interest of truth and transparency, I want to share this with you dear readers.

Yesterday morning I opened my email to find the below picture:

It is terrifying to me to think that Brianne, the sociopathic stalker that she truly is, was close enough to Kelly Clarkson to do her harm. 

The look on Brianne's face and her body language tells quite the story in my opinion. She has a smirk on her face and in standing away from Kelly, almost as if she is repulsed or very pleased with herself knowing in her sick twisted mind she could hurt Kelly at anytime. Even the way Brianne is seeming to contort her body so that she maintains the maximum amount of distance between she and Kelly is troubling. 

Brianne may have at one time professed to be a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, but her body language tells a far different...rather troubling story. 

According to the website Izitru (a website that analyzes pictures for authenticity) there is a  probability the above picture of McScary and Kelly Clarkson has indeed been altered. You can read the report HERE or see screenshot below of analysis.  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Cat's Out Of The Bag And His Name Is Edgar

Im telling this, not for pity and not for any other reason than I kind of let the proverbial cat out of the bag tonight on Twitter. Rather than go into fifty Tweets about it .. I'll just tell it here.
Last Spring I was diagnosed with a 4 cm Meningioma and because Im such an over achiever I also apparently grew a Rathke Cleft Cyst on my Pituitary gland
Some people knew, most did not because frankly I didn't want to be trolled about it. .. but whatever.. if that happens, it happens.
Im fine, just with some symptoms of memory loss at times, coordination problems and blinding headaches. There are other things, but why dwell on shit like that?
Anyways right now we are in the "lets watch it stage" and Im fine with that. Im not really keen on getting my skull cracked open to remove the Meningioma or to have them go up my nose and drain the cysts... sounds gross, doesn't it? All I can think of are the ancient Egyptians .. lol
But because this thing has decided to set up residency in my brain.. I decided it needed a name.. so I call it Edgar because that just sounds to me like an old curmudgeon.... like the old guys in the balcony on The Muppets.
MENSo .. no pity... please. Im fine .. just a little crazier than usual.. and it could be a lot worse .. it could be malignant.
Just know when I refer to 'Edgar' its not some hot dude Ive got hidden away in my closet ... its just the little ornery dude in the balcony.
Carry on!
Well it didnt take long. As predicted .. the trolls got to trolling. Comment left on Melissa Duprez's aka Pudders' @BringItAlready's blog.
Click On Image To Enlarge
Click On Image To Enlarge
Isn't it sad that a supposed Anti Bullying advocate would stalk and harass people by writing a blog like this, let alone allow such a comment?
BTW.. It wasn't a stroke .. it was a TIA and if I really wanted attention about it, I would have told about it long ago and would continue to tell about it.
If you're going to make fun of me and my medical problems.. at least get it partly right.