Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brianne Chantal Patterson Impersonating Ripoff Report dot Com Now?

Complaint submitted Friday June 22, 2012 titled: Brianne Chantal Patterson by a "Mel." Convenient since Mel is one of Brianne's fake VIP Tattler names. If I were playing Vegas odds, I would bet this is just another case of Brianne stalking herself.

You can read the report by clicking HERE.  When reading the comments, pay close attention to #4. Its supposedly written by Ripoff Reports itself, which is laughable because they're pretty unscrupulous and will post anything as witnessed by some of the reports about people Brianne has managed to get on here over the years, that and the IP bans Brianne pretending to be them they promised never happened. Not to mention it uses a version of Brianne's favorite phrase "just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true."

Oh to wonder what ROR would do if they realized they were being impersonated? If image below is too small, click here to see bigger .. click twice when image comes up.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

@VIPTattler Owned By @BrianneChantal - Proof! Can You Believe She Lied AGAIN?! *Thud*

Today Brianne, or as we like to call her around here, Brinocchio, has lied yet again!? 

I know, I know surprising but true. 

Earlier today she VIPTattler went on a rant of denials in regards to her ownership of the craptastic celeb blog, VIPTattler.

She went so far as to insult the intelligence of people by saying "they" set me up with the whole new staff members post. See below:

She even tweeted it all out as VIPTattler.. Its really so cute when she talks to herself on Twitter. And by cute, I mean strange and demented. 

Now this might all been have left right here, but thanks to the internet and a little thing called cache, I can prove that Brianne has lied .. again. 

Below you will find a posting from a blog called whatisthismadnesshere. It is now unpublished, but you can see the entire post here. In this post you will clearly see that Brianne Chantal Patterson acting as the owner of VIPTattler claimed DMCA violations against her former boss, the owner of Vagabond & Scallywag, Christopher Koulouris. 
Brinocchio, Brinocchio.. do you ever get tired of being BUSTED?! 

@VipTattler Employee "Mel" Seems Very Unhappy w/ @BrianneChantal's Antics As Seen On Rip Off Report !

Originally posted on RadioNewzBlog

  "In the past month or so she has promised tickets to concerts such as One Direction, Madonna, to taping of the X Factor show and she never delivers on these tickets. She uses this as ruse to get people to give their personal information to her and to get people to visit her website. She always has some excuse or says they were given away, but never says to who.
  Most recently she also launched a website trying to solicit donations for the infamous Casey Anthony who was acquitted of killing her young child. While she denies this, its been long suspected that she has been working for Casey and even funneling money to her. She has bragged to several people including Devon Thomas and Michelle Dawn Smith that she made 50K when she sold a Casey Anthony video. At the time she was trying to get more videos from them promising she could make them rich when she sold them."
Complete report can be found on Rip Off Report, here. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

@briadoublene aka @BrianneChantal @VIPTattler Solicits Donations For Casey Anthony !!

Brianne Chantal, the confirmed owner of VIPTattler is now soliciting donations for Casey Anthony!

In her true form, she creates the account, then creates a Twitter handle to tweet this information out. As with all of her many many alts, she tweets this information to me only .... then quickly deletes the account. 

I suspect she did this for many reasons, but Im sure she did this to get hits to her bogus celeb blog, but most importantly to get a big story when she 'reveals' that my husband and I are the ones behind the donation site. We are NOT in anyway associated with it or with Casey Anthony, but true to her lying psychotic mentality, this wont prevent her from saying it. 

The joke is on her this time, as all this information has been forwarded to proper authorities as well as Morgan and Morgan, the attorneys for Zenaida Gonzalez. 

Seems Hairy McScarry really screwed the pooch this time! 

Below are screen shots of it all.. click on images to enlarge:





Though Brianne denies stalking me or this blog, no sooner than this story went out Brianne VIPTattler issued a denial:

I welcome you to seek legal indemnification for this.. really. Please do, then all of YOUR dirty little secrets will come to light and everyone will know about your "colorful internet posting." But don't worry, when I counter... and I will, I'll let you and your mom stay in your subsidizes housing apartment... you'll just be paying ME rent, and I don't accept charity.


As of this morning, June 23, 2012, Matt Morgan of Morgan and Morgan are aware of Brianne's Casey Anthony donation website and in his words "watching closely." If I had to bet, this means there will be subpoenas flying come Monday morning.

Brianne has always wanted to be famous and known, and I do believe she is well on her way to it. Probably not the way she intended..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

@AnneChantal aka Brianne Chantal - Stalker Much?

Seriously don't you have a job or something to do? Something.. anything besides stalk this blog all day? 

Today Ive had over 200 hits on this blog and over half have been FROM YOU! 

These are just the last 25 .. and *tag* you're it. 

Stalker Of The Day! 

Freak Of The Century! 

Stalkers Gonna Stalk .. And By Stalkers I Mean Brianne Chantal

Last night on the other blog I write for, Radio Newz Blog, I made a comment to a post about Jeff Ashton's writing a book. In this comment I mentioned I have a  blogger friend who wrote a book.

A poster name wait.... made a comment trying to stir trouble and I suspect trying to get me to mention the bloggers name. I'd be a fool to do so, especially given the furor of Brianne's crazy. 

Being suspicious, I checked the IP of the commenter, and sure enough, it came from Burnaby, British Columbia. Home of none other than Brianne Hairy McScarry Chantal Patterson. 



Do you ever get tired of being busted, Brianne?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

@BrianneChantal @annechantal @briadoublene Sings Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Let me ask you Brianne - How does it feel?

Youve made my and my family's life a living hell with your constant lies and harassment of us since January 2012.. and yes YOU even threatened. Remember that? I do. 

Now you want to play the victim card? Sorry Hairy McScarry, but that dog dont hunt. 

You want to lie and say you've received threats? Not from me or anyone in my family.. though I can imagine with the long long list of people you've lied about, you've harassed and you've threatened and ripped off, there are some that have more of a reason than I to do so.

You're a liar and a freak.

On youre way off of Twitter (though we know you'll never really leave) don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!


@BrianneChantal @VIPTattler Closes Shop - Rips Off Peope On Madonna Tickets -

Bye Bye to Hairy McScarry's blog VIPTattler. Brianne and her other 287387 personalities  employees have decided to close up shop. And after she boasted today has been the biggest day ever on her blog!


This also begs the question . . how did she rip off all of those people who entered to win the Madonna tickets she was giving away. .. Answer - She NEVER HAD THEM! She as usual just strung people along with her lies.. then when the heat gets too much.. she deletes and runs.

Thanks to the power of Topsy .. I have the tweets to prove it! 


Although the original article is now gone, here is a cached version of the story.

You may also read the cached version here.

And here is the cached version of the now defunct VIPTattler's site for the Madonna tickets give-a-way

Article cached here.

What Could Brinocchio aka Brianne Chantal aka @VipTattler Be Cooking Up Now?!

Guess it's going to take her a few days to fake up some screenshots and such. 

Old girl's not what she used to be. 

Give it up Hairy McScarry... everyone and I mean everyone knows your name and is wise to your game. You have zero credibility left.The media laughs at you. Hell even the RCMP in your own area say you "have problems." 



Brianne Chantal Patterson - Suicide By Way Of Las Vegas?

This post was originally posted on The Radio Newz Blog and is posted here in its entirety. 

As reported here last night Brianne Chantal Patterson went on Facebook and in what can only be described as a desperate attempt  to cause trouble for this blog and others, she posted she was going to comitt suicide.  She did this under one of many (and folks, Im talking many) of her alt names, Brianne Fulke P.
I know this to be one of her alts as this is the name as it is the name she provided to me as her facebook name when she left this blog.  This name, and its postings, along with a few of her others have mysteriously disappeared from Facebook. Curiouser and curiouser.
During this whole fiasco she, according to her Tweets, was supposed to be in Las Vegas. Of course these tweets also soon disappeared, but by the power of Four Square and Twitwheel, these tweets still exist.



Because of her suicide threats several of us, myself included, call the Burnaby BC RCMP to report this. While I had more than a reasonable suspicion that she was faking these threats, I know by her own admission she had some past mental health issues, and was not willing to just let this go. She laughed it up on Facebook saying she was in Vegas and the RCMP would not find her home.
Sure enough in typical Brianne fashion, she gave herself and her lies away, again. She took to her Twitter and blogspot late last night and in an attempt to discredit this writer, she gave unwittingly gave her own lies away.

I quickly screen shot the above because her post seem to have a habit of disappearing. You can see the original here, until she takes it down or alters it again.
This is a very unquiet, devious cunning mind we are dealing with when it comes to Brianne Chantal. She has proven time and time again that she will stoop to any means necessary, even breaking the law, to achieve her goals. Evil, just pure evil.

Looks like Brianne has closed her blogspot (where above letter is posted)to invited readers only.  Ohhh the humanity, Im not an invited reader.
What you got to hide Bri Bri? If you’re so innocent, open that blog up!

Brianne goes looney on Facebook.. yi yi, over 10 accounts?

This post originally appeared on RadioNewzBlog and was written by the owner of the blog, Radio on May 22, 2012

Facebook members are reporting Brianne as going completely off the deep end on a Facebook page this evening.
She started off her psychotic roll with a posting of impending suicidal action… this was followed up with, according to the page owner Amelia Noel Sobel, at least 10 fake FB accounts… including one on moi… :shock: Oh my!
Brianne was playing multiple rolls of course and trying to grab all the attention she possibly could.

Fortunately, Mizz Sobel has me blocked from her Facebook page, which you can see right here ( :) ) and I was spared viewing Brianne play freako!!
Facebook members have called her local LE and others in her local jurisdiction to see if they can get her committed. It is truly time for the men in white coats to take Brianne away – for her own good and everyone else’s…

@VIPTattler – No Thanks, Ive Got This One

This post originally appeared on The Radio News Blog. Its posted here in its entirety. 
In a predictable albeit strange turn of events,  I have been offered “talks” with a certain blog.
I am respectfully going to pass on this offer to talk directly to them or their owners.
I will however contact the attorneys tomorrow in an effort to facilitate these “talks.”
I will not be asking them for specifics of the ownership or blog; I am aware that attorney/client privilege applies.  This being said, they can legally tell me if they do indeed represent this blog and further my quest, on their clients behalf of course, to facilitate talks.
This is something any attorney acting on the best interest of their clients any attorney is happy to do.

Someone alert the authorities. . . maybe even the FBI! Parts of the above post are now missing!! What could have happened to them?!


Holy Tomatoes!! Amelia Sobel to have Brianne Chantal arrested by the FBI!!

This article originally appeared on RadioNewzBlog and was written by Radio on May 21, 2012

This is just in to me and should be considered BREAKING NEWZ!!!
Amelia Sobel, just moments ago, vowed to seek the FBI to arrest Brianne Chantal! :shock:
Wow!! Brianne sure has gotten herself into a shit load of trouble! :(
Is Brianne already in a British Columbia looney bin? She may be! Numerous Facebook members called her local jurisdiction in the Province attempting to get her committed! Brianne played a very bad hand tonight!! :arrow:
Watching these 2 women go at it the last few days has completely exhausted my popcorn supply, so now I’ll be working on my supply of Moon Pies and RC Cola… much better anyway!! :)

#CaseyAnthony Author Turned Informant On #Anonymous Now In Cahoots With Well Known CyberStalker Brianne Chantal – Confirmed!

This post originally ran on the Radio Newz Blog and now appears here in its entirety.

A few weeks ago, coincidentally right around the same time Amelia started screaming lawsuits and FBI, Brianne Chantal started contacting me via Twitter DMs, and Gmail saying she thought we should “lay off of Amelia.” She gave various reasons for it, none of which made much sense, especially coming from Brianne. If there is one thing she enjoys more than anything, its being in the spotlight and she’s never been too particular about who she steps on or what she says to get there. I should know this better than anyone.

For those of you that are new here, Brianne and I were locked in a mortal battle of blogs for a few months following our (my husband and I) releasing the Casey Anthony video. This went on until I had enough.

Long story short authorities both here in the states and her jurisdiction of Canada became involved. She became spooked (as she is now) and came to me offering a truce. I accepted. Felt foolish about it, but it was a means to an end. People were horrified that I did this, but I had my reasons. This did not mean that I trusted her and like I told more than one person, she and I will never be signing Kumbaya around the campfires together. It’s a very good thing I never really lost contact with the authorities I spoke to when we “truced.” Authorities on both sides.

This brings us to the past few weeks. Radio and I both became very suspicious about her activities and postings but knew our suspicions were correct when Brianne began posting to Amelia things like “check your inbox” etc.  We decided to let it play out while we played along. Its was acting on the grandest scale if I do say so myself.

Our suspicions came to fruition when we both received an email from Brianne and the subject line read “DONT GET MAD.” In these emails she said she was basically playing Amelia and she didnt mean it. Well knowing better but needing to ride this out, I decided I would play the “hurt” card. It worked like a charm. Because of this Radio and I were able to keep our ‘cover’ while following our hunches.  Our hunch being that she and Amelia were now joined together in attempts to discredit and divide us as a blog. We are after all debunking Amelia’s theories while simultaneously outing all of her lies.

Not to be outdone they have started a new gossip blog together called VIPtattler. Original, right? They are re-hashing old previously proven lies about “The Briley’s” and for good measure throwing in a few jabs about Amelia. None of course too damaging. Yes.. its proven … they are in this together. Who knows how far down the rabbit hole this unholy alliance goes, but one thing is for sure, there IS money being made.. by them.
There have also been a rash of new Facebook identities and pages cropping up, namely “Breaking Casey Anthony News” “Boycott Amelia Sobel” and of course “VIP Tattler” all designed by them and used by them. 

Of course, we’re not supposed to know this, so Mum’s the word.
There is no honor among thieves and cons, and these two are among the biggest we have going out there now. 
only question is; who will they turn to when spooked again?
Now we sit back and wait for the barrage of photoshopped emails, pms, dms and what not. Then will come the threat of authorities, lawyers, and since Amelia is now on board I expect we’ll see the AMA, DEA, and God knows who else thrown into the mix!


Coming Soon!

Soon I will be posting some stories from the other blog I write on called, Radio Newz Blog. 
Each of these stories are TRUE and accurate and were written by either myself or Radio, the owner of the blog. 

You'll want to check this out for sure. 
  • True tales of Brianne's suicide threat.. 
  • Her pregnancy she denied then claimed again. 
  • Her 'Celeb blog .. VIPTattler 
Plus Much Much More! 
You wont want to miss it!  

Brinnochio wont be able to lie her way out this time!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Iva Mazzanti aka @BrianneChantal aka @VIPTattler Come On Down!

Gotta hand it to old Hairy McScarry, she never really gives up. She goes away for a few days but then the voices in her crazy little head start talking to her again. Its then she climbs that ladder down to her alt vault and pulls a new one out and starts her cray cray posting again. Tonight was no different.

Enter Iva Mazzanti, a supposed "mum of 3 year old twin boys, Benjamin and Luke" who is "originally from Boston, MA, now living in the UK and works for Laura Ashley." Even gave her a brand spankin new Twitter account.

Of course this whole charade was so that she could tweet me "Ivas" blog. I immediately screen shot it as I knew it would disappear as fast as it came up. Here it is for you.. my answers are in red.


As soon as I saw this and informed Hairy McScarry that I knew it was her and that I would be sending it to the Constable in the RCMP that called me about her last week (after her fake suicide claim) the blog was immediately taken down and the tweets "Iva" made were gone.


Gone .. but not before I screen shot them.


Like I said before Hairy McScarry, you are nothing if not predictable. And since you like the ape pictures so much . . . this time I made you two. Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Brianne Chantal Pattterson Keeps Rolling Down That River Of De Nile!

Yesterday you  recall how I busted Hairy McScarry (again) of making fake Twitter accounts in an lame attempt to clear her own name while simultaneously pretending to throw herself under the bus? You can read it here if you need a refresher.

Now sooner than she read this post on here ( and I know she comes here because I see her visits in stats) she took to her faked Twitter account again in an effort to deny the account belongs to her. 


While I give this an E for effort, still doesn't explain how "Ryder's Support" knew Brianne Chantal Patterson was advised by the RCMP to have "no contact" with me, does it? 


Brianne Chantal #Fails Again

Poor little Hairy McScarry. Recently she tried to take on the big boys by going after a popular British Columbia DJ, Ryder. She lambasted him because during a 420 rally he took a picture of an obese woman in a bathing suit and posted it on line. You can read about the incident and the ensuing events that took place after here.

Since then I have forwarded all of the information I have to date about our favorite psycho stalker Brianne to Ryder as well as posted it on his social networking sites.

Well Miss Hairy McScarry must have caught wind of this .. and by caught wind, I mean stalked this DJs social sites and saw my postings. With the walls closing in on her she has to keep track of what kind of damage control she needs to do.

True to form and her tired busted ass M.O. she took to Twitter and created a "Ryder Support" name. I will give her one thing though, she tried a little harder this time by throwing herself under the Tweet bus. Too bad she always gives herself away. This time it was by mentioning "the show" which is a reference to a bullshit story she tried to put out there about me being on TV this coming summer. Of course it was a complete fabrication based on a Facebook post I made some weeks ago about a Casey Anthony 1 year post verdict special. While there may be a special coming out .. I AM NOT going to be on it, but this is a prime example of how Hairy McScarry tips her hand. Every time.
You would think a very popular radio DJ would have at least 1 supporter following his support page, no? 

Hairy McScarry its too late to suck up to Ryder. You boasted you cost him his job.. and THAT is unforgivable.