Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Like A Freaking David Lynch Movie - Remember That One Brianne?

Well, well well, it seems like Hairy McScarry's memory is short and rather selective. Guess Im going to have to refresh it for her .. all the while proving what a psychopathic stalker she really is. 

Bri Bri writes the following on her Twitter profile: 

I see she's changed her picture back from the new Special Ed eyes picture to her old Special Ed eyes picture

If this isnt a case of the pot calling the kettle black, well I just don't know what is.

Have you forgotten Brianne that you've spent the last near two months stalking me and my family? Have you forgotten that you posted my address, phone number, email address? You've posted my son and my daughter's address, majors in college and where these colleges are along with screen shots of their Facebooks? Then as if this wasn't enough for you, you decided to involve their friends and their friends families? Im sure you've forgotten or think since you deleted these particular posts off of your blog and turned it private that you now have the opportunity to lie and say you never did. Think again oh hairy one, because I have saved "as is" and all of this information has already been forwarded to the proper authorities long ago. By the way, when am I going to get that cease and desist letter from your attorney? I cant wait to share these things with him as well. 

Dont think for one minute little girl that Im just talking, you should know by now that my mouth always writes checks my ass can cash, unlike you. 

Here is a little preview of just what I have. Im sure you remember this post, its from your blog.

Click here for a better view 

As you can see, she admits to doing "some digging" some being a gross understatement. This is not the entirety of the post, and in the original (that I have) she goes on to reveal friends names, addresses, where they work and even the marital status of their parents who along with siblings she also names. 
I have taken the parental liberty of blacking out the names and colleges of my children. 

Can you hear that sound?? I can hear it.. and oh I do believe I know what it is. Its the sound of Hairy McScarry's asshole puckering because once again.. she is busted. 

Don't worry Bri Bri...Im not going anywhere, at least not anywhere right away.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brianne Chantal Patterson Claims Now To Know Casey Anthony

On January 9, 2012 1:07pm on  Casey Trackers  Brianne claimed she did not know Casey Anthony, yet today in an email I received from her (where she tries to intimidate me by threats, she attached some rather horrible Photoshopped pictures where it appears she is with Casey Anthony) she tries to make me believe she does know her.

Either forgot to enter the Casey Trackers entry into her notebook of online tales, or she's slipping. 

This is a screen shot of the email I received.. 

These are the attached photos in which she attempts to establish that she has indeed been with Casey Anthony. Ive taken the liberty of watermarking them as FAKES so that they would not be passed all over the internet as authentic. 

Hairy McScarry, you may be able to convincingly fake Facebook pages and text messages; but when it comes to Photoshop? You really need to go back and try again.

Fired From Fat Burger? Oh The Shame

Because she couldn't keep her stubby hairy fingers out of the product!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Brainne "Hairy McScarry" Patterson Says "I Can Has A Legal Dictionary Please?"

While you're at it have that imaginary lawyer explain to you why you could not sue me or anyone for it.

New Alt Fresh From Brianne Chantal Patterson's Alt Vault.

How the hell many accounts does Hairy McScarry have anyways, and how does she keep track of all of them? 

I can see her now down in her Mama's basement flipping through all of her notebooks for an account she hasnt used yet and entering the information for the new ones she has created. 

Wonder if she ever comes out or does her mother just throw a cheeseburger down the laundry chute for her every few hours?

New Alt No. 28973478964578676305678659076386964593 and counting: 

Poor little Brianne .. she can certainly dish it out but has a baby bitch fit when she's forced to take it.

Over Step Much Hairy McScarry ?

Hairy McScarry runs her mouth again. Makes assumptions and speaks for her boss at the time?

Mercy me .. who knew a comment on a blog would bring out the claws? 

Though I can see why Brianne calls Rihanna her new hero. Birds of a feather and all.


Only answer. Would think he would have defended Hairy McScarry IF she was still working for him.
Even MORE telling - her busted ass face isnt on her "profile" on Scallywags anymore.

Maybe you can kiss some more ass Hairy McScarry and get that esteemed job back .. again.

More Editing - No Scallywags?

Hairy McScarry has done some more "editing" on Twitter, but still no Scallywags mention. Same bush woman brows and slopped Special Ed eyes. 

Hairy McScarry 

Did Scallywags Make Brianne A Vagabond?

What happened to Scary McHairy's job with Scallywags?

Maybe since all of her lies have been revealed she's no longer cutting it with her boring little stolen, rehashed stories about Whitney and Rhianna and she got canned?

Maybe she quit to focus on her 'nursing school'?

Maybe she quit to concentrate full-time on her new spokesperson job? 



Hairy McScarry stalks my blog..Confirmed!!

 No sooner than I posted this did an explanation via one of her alts appear on Twitter.

BREAKING - Hairy McScarry Brianne Goes Underground

If a psychotic hairy blogger blogs in Canda and only her pretend friends and alts read it, is it still a blog? 

A private blog? Who's going to read it? She's down 20+ followers on Twitter since Friday, which is coincidentally the same time I opened back up and spilled her little secrets. I cant tell you how many people Ive had DMing me on Twitter about this. They had no idea and Ive been more than happy to give them all the grizzly, dirty details. 

SO much more to come.

Kelly Clarkson Releases New CD

And dedicates it to our favorite hairy psycho.

Who Can It Be Now ?

Busted Down In Burnaby - Trying To Be Sane

Good Gawd Y'all, our favorite little psychopath must be so exhausted these days. 

Not only is she pregnant *cough* *hack* *bullshit* but she just moved to be with her fiance *cough* *hack* *bullshit* and to top all of this off, she still finds time to be a snippy little gossip monger for the online rag Scallywags. You would think that this would leave her little time to create new alts on Twitter or to answer her own blog posts with different names, never mind mocking up fake emails from fake lawyers, but our little hairy beast Brianne Chantal Patterson is a real trooper. Oh yes y'all she is. Her latest Twitter activity proves it. 

Since Friday night she has invented at least 4 new accounts all with the intent of befriending me to feed me false information (she thought I didnt know) while appealing to me to "not engage" her. Be the "better person" and in true Bri Bri fashion (exactly like she did when Jon busted her for lying on the Boycott Page) the alts turned ugly. These are just a few I've met since then. 

Most of the conversations with the alts took place out in the open, and if she hasnt deleted them, you can see them on my Twitter timeline. The DMs though you can not which is why I screen shot the one and only series of DMs I had with one of her alts. Normally I dont give them much of my time, but this particular one I decided I wanted to play with to see how far it would go.  When I finally terminated the conversation and in the open announced it was on block, it did what? AWWW you guessed it. It turned ugly. Here is the conversation from start to finish. Just click the links to see the screen shots. Twelve in total. 

 You ask me why this recent onslaught started.. well Im going to tell you. I opened this blog back up and all of her dirty little secrets spilled out. I also made mention of the last Police report she made to our local Police department. She doesn't like to have her lies revealed.

You can find the reports here: 

Ive redacted some of the more sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers and such, but you can get the full reports by contacting the number at the top of the pages. Its public information.

As to why Ive not ceased and desisted?

Im still Shocking The Monkey


Sunday, February 26, 2012

BREAKING : Brianne Chantal Patterson Gets A REAL Job!!

And it's in front of the cameras, in the limelight.. right where she likes it. 

It's been confirmed to me that she will be the new spokesperson for the No No Hair Removal System ! ! 

If anyone was ever born to have such a position .. she's the perfect hairy little beast to do it ! 

Are You Being Served ? I Am.

Don't be jealous, y'all. LOL 

Yet again Brianne serves me with legal papers. Ive only been waiting for a month and half now. 

Guess she thinks because she has wiped out all of her defamatory blog about my family and I, she's safe.... good thing I have every single page saved and screen shots as well. 

Rest assured dear readers, I am not at all worried. This is just another one of her desperate attempts at attention and sympathy. But most of all its yet another failed attempt, much like the rash of her recent alts on Twitter, to scare or convince me into not posting all of her dirty little secrets. One day I will, but for now.. its all about a pound of flesh.

Here is her sad little screen shot regarding my cease and desist letter. You know I'll be waiting anxiously by my mailbox for it. 

Say Again?

When in such a hurry to post a blog "debunking" someone's truths, one should make sure they get their facts straight before posting. 

Old Bri Bri is slipping. While she claims not to care, it is painfully obvious that she is worried about what I post. And in hurrying to "debunk" FACTS .. she misses the smallest details. As you can see my words, the TRUTHS are in blue.

Click to enlarge or just click HERE.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Brianne's Buttering Me Up "Anonymously"? #Fail

So RadioNewzBlog outs Brianne as the psycho stalker she is and well I guess this made Brianne not only panic and little bit, but stoop to desperate measures. And by desperate, I mean trying to chat/butter me up on Twitter .. anonymously of course. 

No sooner than the outing of the decade took place did "Anonymous" (herebutanon) show up on the scene following me and trying to tell me to be the bigger person, be nice, leave Brianne alone.. blah .. blah .. blah ..
(see screen shots in case they mysteriously disappear) going oldest to newest -

I countered with on Twitlonger

- who are you? have you lived the last 2 mos w/ her torturing you and spreading bullshit lies about you? Endangering YOUR daughter so much so she cant walk by herself on campus .. has to have security walk with her? Has she and her ass monkeys stolen your identity and opened up bogus accounts in YOUR name? Has she contacted Your neighbors? Your local police dept so much that they finally had to tell her to STOP calling?
No.. didnt think so. Dont mean to sound harsh .. but I'VE lived it and seeing her skank evil psychotic ass squirm makes me smile. Appreciate your input though. :)
And it was then the true identity of "Anonymous" came out - none other than Brianne Chantal Patterson - Cyberstalker and Psychopath

 Bri Bri .. you're slipping old girl... Pressure getting to ya??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

BREAKING : Brianne Is SOOO Dramatic - And Deluded

Guess she can dish it out, but cant take it? Few little tweets to her "friends" and blogs about her and she channels a brand new dramatic personality that would make Frances Farmer appear to be sane. 

Bitch even has some of her "anonymous" friends on Twitter honking about the same "anonymous" friend that was talking nice to me.. Im not alone in thinking this "anonymous" was indeed Brianne herself.... she has an entire catalog of alts.. this is a well known fact. 

For some bizarre reason she honestly thinks that I anyone in their right mind would remotely buy this act. Or would think that I would throw away the rest of my life  for a fatherless psychotic skank like her! Please.. she is just not worth it. Besides, Im sure there are MANY people much closer to her that would beat me to get to her.

She posted this little drama laced delusion on her blog tonight, and since I made a comment that she will no doubt not approve or re-write to show a lie .. Im showing it here now. 

Maybe Scallywags will sent her to the Oscar's this year .. like they sent her to the Grammys. Still waiting for that write up of hers.. really, wouldnt one think that would have been the first thing she wrote about?? Havent seen a thing. 

Once again...... liar liar pants on fire Brianne. 

As I expected - she only posted half of my comment .. and got so many of her "friends" (her other accounts) to post support -

2 Countries - 2 Police Reports

 Brianne saw fit to post our 19 year old daughter's facebook page link along with screen shots of it and her picture and the name of the college she attends  (she justified this by saying "it was public" and we "should tell her to set it private") the daughter started getting a lot of creepy messages and requests.. some were subtly threatning, we had to arrange for campus security to escort her to/from her classes and wherever else she has to go on campus. She also told us that she knew people here in Ohio and could come across the border anytime for a visit with only a passport and ID insenuating she could visit the daughter/us or the have her "friends" visit us/daughter.

Because of this and on advice of the attorney that helped to settle my mother's estate we filed a police report in the event anything should happen, there would be a record and a point to a suspect. We filed one here in our town and they in return liaised w/ the RCMP. We also spoke to the RCMP in her area. We've actually done this on more than one occasion. The last time we spoke w/ a constable in her area we were told by them that she was "well known and (they) had many reports on her for similar occurrences with different people" also this constable told us "she has problems."

Here is a link to the one Police report we made in our area :
Page One:
 Page Two:

You can request a copy of all the reports we have made as well as the ones she called here and made, the last time however she did this ( was also faxing them) they finally had to tell her to stop calling as there was nothing they could do... all you have to do is call the number on the top of the page. Since it is public record, it has to be released.

If you would like to request a copy of the Canadian report go to  
from there you will be prompted where to go to download request. The cost is $5.00 - be sure to ask for File No. 2012-3580

How To Tell A Stalker No ?

Of course this is a totally faked text message, just like all the ones she posted that I supposedly sent her.

Want to know how they are done? Just click HERE. 

Notice there is also options to fake Facebook conversations and screen shots.. just like she did with Jon and I. .. Im sure she has this particular (fake a screenshot page) bookmarked. 


Dirty Psycho Girl - Still Psycho

First Appearance in The Dirty -

Straight From Twitter - Bri Bri Threatens Me ( Hillbilly)

Now she would say the 48 hrs was the time she was giving me to take down my blog - but OH LOOK! Its still here.. and so am I !!

Follow The Links To Brianne's Twisted Posting Past

Uses alt Neonatal86

Anonymous01/22/2012 at 2:29 am (Edit)
Hello! Thanks for making sense out of the insensible twitter war, leaked / stolen video mess! Seems this person has quite a reputation for claiming youtube content that doesn’t beling to them…check out the comments here>>>
I think you all are doing a great job!

01/22/2012 at 2:41 am (Edit)
…We the undersigned are VERY angry about the behavior of Brianne Patterson, owner of the older and her newest obomination, For over a year we say Brianne has stolen layouts, copied layouts, and ignored copyright warnings by claiming work as her own….
01/22/2012 at 2:47 am (Edit)
not sure if my previous comments posted??? sorry if this is a duplicate!
Seems the ole youtube copyright video bait-n-switch is a favorite past-time for this chic, no???
01/22/2012 at 3:07 am (Edit)
wow…this is like the energizer rabbit…it keeps going, going and going!
The “grasping at straws” headline is another oldie but goodie! In fact, many posts by annechantal at below link /site are strikingly similar to what seems to be happening now…move over Kelly Clarkson…Here comes Casey!
wow…insane is an understatement!
01/22/2012 at 3:28 am (Edit)
More information.
01/22/2012 at 3:40 am (Edit)
01/22/2012 at 3:50 am (Edit)
Same old games. She needs to be taken off the internet.
01/22/2012 at 4:30 am (Edit)
Female, Libra
(less info)
Member Since: 2011-03-01
celebrities, photography, pop culture, writing
Favorite Music:
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Favorite TV Shows:
american idol, mtv
01/22/2012 at 4:33 am (Edit)
From July 08,2011
01/22/2012 at 4:59 am (Edit)
Brianne Patterson
Contributing Writer at Scallywag & Vagabond
Vancouver, Canada Area
Online Media
Contributing Writer at Scallywag & Vagabond
Contributing Writer at
Volunteer at Vancouver Aquarium
7 connections
Public Profile
01/22/2012 at 5:00 am (Edit)
Contributing Writer
Scallywag & Vagabond
Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Online Media industry
January 2012 – Present (1 month)
Contributing Writer
2010 – 2011 (1 year)
Vancouver Aquarium
Nonprofit; 201-500 employees; Environmental Services industry
June 2002 – June 2002 (1 month) Vancouver, Canada Area
01/22/2012 at 5:07 am (Edit)
Brianne Chantal Patterson – Burnaby,? BC leaked this song
BrianneCPatterson 5 months ago
01/22/2012 at 5:19 am (Edit)
01/22/2012 at 5:21 am (Edit)
01/22/2012 at 5:44 am (Edit)
01/22/2012 at 6:43 am (Edit)
Remember the 3rd video she said she had..Well she set up a twitter account and this is the name she was using and twitting and making claims to people she had a 3rd video. By my searching she has quite a few twitter accounts. It is part of her game. This shit goes back to 2002.
She has hijacked this account from twitter also as you can trace the guy Ricky from her following American Idol.
go to the 4th tweet and click Ricky. She put out her own phone #.
Anne Chantal – News, Video, Pictures, MP3 |
These songs are amazing! Thank you to whoever recorded and uploaded these. You can listen to all the tracks at Anne Chantal’s YouTube, but I’ve embedded …
My Gawd, I went thru 15 pages of Google and got tired! LOL This gal has a pattern of trouble where ever she goes on the internet.
01/22/2012 at 6:45 am (Edit)
Hope some of this information helps others to see what a freak she is.
01/22/2012 at 9:47 am (Edit)
And here is more…
I sent the Queen Bitch this email just moments before her tumblr disappeared… I didn’t think she would make the right call. ehh :-/ (who knew a name could be worse than Anne Chantal?)
Wow. Really? Nothing to say, huh? It’s ok. I know you must be shaking in your boots because someone figured out who you really are. It’s cool. I’ll wait. In fact, I’ll give you a few hours… You must realize that knowing who you are and where your from gives me a HUGE advantage in this pissing war. It wouldn’t be very expensive at all to bring about a lawsuit that would expose what you are. Surely know that during the process of discovery all of your internet personas will be made available with or without your consent, regardless if you delete them or not. You have to also know that even tho you have removed so much incriminating evidence that the internet remembers everything. In fact, I have screen caps of your solicitations for the recent demo leaks… it doesn’t matter what you do short of destroying your computer, actually, even if you did that it could all be traced back to you via the interweb. You’re pretty much screwed. You can see below that I’m not afraid to talk to your “peeps”. You’ll notice that I have kept a pretty good documentation of everything that’s transpired, even when you didn’t have any clue I was here. Since their e-mails have confidentiality clauses, I won’t share with you the opinion of the law firm whom you’ve so readily and ficticiously called to your defense (online only) in the past, nor will I bore you with the response I received from the RIAA.. suffice it to say they are all VERY interested in all of the pending lawsuits you claim to have and perhaps some that are forthcoming. I’m not you. I’m not a cowardly bitch that wants to piss people off in any possible way I can. If I did, I’d already be spouting off about what I know all over twitter, tumblr and the rest. I’m actually a decent person and not a lying, sneaking little troll. So here’s what I want to see.. unlock your twitter, remove all of the hateful things you’ve said about me, the KCE and Pulse on tumblr and issue an apology on both for harassing the KCE all these years. If you feel you’ve been unnecessarily targeted by them you can still say that, it’s not my intent to tell you that you’re wrong about it, but you do need to apologize for your huge part in all of it. If you do, I won’t report your real legal name and backup evidence to those who would be real interested to know who can be proved to have distributed the unauthorized music. I won’t pursue any type of legal recourse to bring even more evidence to light and I won’t share what I know with anyone who might use it to try and screw with you the way you’ve screwed with them. If you do not…. I won’t keep any of those promises. Your call.. I hope you make the right choice and act like a decent person.
01/22/2012 at 10:04 am (Edit)
An email
01/22/2012 at 10:21 am (Edit)
Another fake twitter account of hers.
01/22/2012 at 1:32 pm (Edit)
This is the link that she needs the most.
Geesh,you would think with health care being free in Canada that she would take advantage of it and use it to get mental health care.
anyway, It is about time Jon and Holly start defending themselves.
This woman has reeked havoc on too many people with her lies.
I would be ashamed to be associated with her if I were trying to gain any “good reputation” as a news source.
Just like so many have been fooled by the physco Casey, the weak always seem to get sucked in to their illness and lies.
If your reading this Brianne, which I am sure you are, you need to get some help!!

** These links also appear on Radio Blog -