Thursday, September 6, 2012

Judge Judy Mocks Your Butt Hurt Brianne

A few days ago Brianne posted a comment that was immediately spammed, but it contained some batshit crazy rants about someone from CBS contacting me and if I didn’t respond she would automatically “win.”

To be quite truthful, I didn’t pay it much attention as with all of her other threats of court proceedings, lawsuits, cease and desist orders I just roll my eyes and laugh. Its well established her M.O. is

-Threaten a lawsuit -Warn of an upcoming cease and desist order -Fake up some bogus paperwork and post it -Throw some attorneys name around that she has Googled -File false DMCA claims against you and your works -Rinse and Repeat above steps

Hell I'm still waiting on the cease and desist order she’s been yammering about since February.

But I have to say her latest threat took even me for a loop!

She wants me to appear on JUDGE JUDY with her! ! !

 Judge Judy!!!! OMG I have to give it to her on this one, I did not see it coming.

She has tried her hardest to be the victim and to get famous.. but Judge Judy is a first!!

I will give my answer now to this fuckery … are you listening Brianne?

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