Saturday, June 23, 2012

@VipTattler Employee "Mel" Seems Very Unhappy w/ @BrianneChantal's Antics As Seen On Rip Off Report !

Originally posted on RadioNewzBlog

  "In the past month or so she has promised tickets to concerts such as One Direction, Madonna, to taping of the X Factor show and she never delivers on these tickets. She uses this as ruse to get people to give their personal information to her and to get people to visit her website. She always has some excuse or says they were given away, but never says to who.
  Most recently she also launched a website trying to solicit donations for the infamous Casey Anthony who was acquitted of killing her young child. While she denies this, its been long suspected that she has been working for Casey and even funneling money to her. She has bragged to several people including Devon Thomas and Michelle Dawn Smith that she made 50K when she sold a Casey Anthony video. At the time she was trying to get more videos from them promising she could make them rich when she sold them."
Complete report can be found on Rip Off Report, here. 

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