Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Holy Tomatoes!! Amelia Sobel to have Brianne Chantal arrested by the FBI!!

This article originally appeared on RadioNewzBlog and was written by Radio on May 21, 2012

This is just in to me and should be considered BREAKING NEWZ!!!
Amelia Sobel, just moments ago, vowed to seek the FBI to arrest Brianne Chantal! :shock:
Wow!! Brianne sure has gotten herself into a shit load of trouble! :(
Is Brianne already in a British Columbia looney bin? She may be! Numerous Facebook members called her local jurisdiction in the Province attempting to get her committed! Brianne played a very bad hand tonight!! :arrow:
Watching these 2 women go at it the last few days has completely exhausted my popcorn supply, so now I’ll be working on my supply of Moon Pies and RC Cola… much better anyway!! :)

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