Tuesday, June 19, 2012

@BrianneChantal @annechantal @briadoublene Sings Poor Poor Pitiful Me

Let me ask you Brianne - How does it feel?

Youve made my and my family's life a living hell with your constant lies and harassment of us since January 2012.. and yes YOU even threatened. Remember that? I do. 

Now you want to play the victim card? Sorry Hairy McScarry, but that dog dont hunt. 

You want to lie and say you've received threats? Not from me or anyone in my family.. though I can imagine with the long long list of people you've lied about, you've harassed and you've threatened and ripped off, there are some that have more of a reason than I to do so.

You're a liar and a freak.

On youre way off of Twitter (though we know you'll never really leave) don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!



Anonymous said...


I also believe she's the person behind the fake Cindy Anthony twitter. Her infamous syntax of 'cease and desist'...and...'my lawyers'....can be found if you read through.

She is a pathological liar, like Casey Anthony. She's addicted to this game. Unless she gets help, she'll continue to do what she does.

Be blessed!

H - said...

I wouldnt put it past her! She is a psycho from hell!