Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brianne goes looney on Facebook.. yi yi, over 10 accounts?

This post originally appeared on RadioNewzBlog and was written by the owner of the blog, Radio on May 22, 2012

Facebook members are reporting Brianne as going completely off the deep end on a Facebook page this evening.
She started off her psychotic roll with a posting of impending suicidal action… this was followed up with, according to the page owner Amelia Noel Sobel, at least 10 fake FB accounts… including one on moi… :shock: Oh my!
Brianne was playing multiple rolls of course and trying to grab all the attention she possibly could.

Fortunately, Mizz Sobel has me blocked from her Facebook page, which you can see right here ( :) ) and I was spared viewing Brianne play freako!!
Facebook members have called her local LE and others in her local jurisdiction to see if they can get her committed. It is truly time for the men in white coats to take Brianne away – for her own good and everyone else’s…

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