Saturday, June 30, 2012

Brianne Chantal Patterson Impersonating Ripoff Report dot Com Now?

Complaint submitted Friday June 22, 2012 titled: Brianne Chantal Patterson by a "Mel." Convenient since Mel is one of Brianne's fake VIP Tattler names. If I were playing Vegas odds, I would bet this is just another case of Brianne stalking herself.

You can read the report by clicking HERE.  When reading the comments, pay close attention to #4. Its supposedly written by Ripoff Reports itself, which is laughable because they're pretty unscrupulous and will post anything as witnessed by some of the reports about people Brianne has managed to get on here over the years, that and the IP bans Brianne pretending to be them they promised never happened. Not to mention it uses a version of Brianne's favorite phrase "just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true."

Oh to wonder what ROR would do if they realized they were being impersonated? If image below is too small, click here to see bigger .. click twice when image comes up.

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