Monday, June 4, 2012

Brianne Chantal #Fails Again

Poor little Hairy McScarry. Recently she tried to take on the big boys by going after a popular British Columbia DJ, Ryder. She lambasted him because during a 420 rally he took a picture of an obese woman in a bathing suit and posted it on line. You can read about the incident and the ensuing events that took place after here.

Since then I have forwarded all of the information I have to date about our favorite psycho stalker Brianne to Ryder as well as posted it on his social networking sites.

Well Miss Hairy McScarry must have caught wind of this .. and by caught wind, I mean stalked this DJs social sites and saw my postings. With the walls closing in on her she has to keep track of what kind of damage control she needs to do.

True to form and her tired busted ass M.O. she took to Twitter and created a "Ryder Support" name. I will give her one thing though, she tried a little harder this time by throwing herself under the Tweet bus. Too bad she always gives herself away. This time it was by mentioning "the show" which is a reference to a bullshit story she tried to put out there about me being on TV this coming summer. Of course it was a complete fabrication based on a Facebook post I made some weeks ago about a Casey Anthony 1 year post verdict special. While there may be a special coming out .. I AM NOT going to be on it, but this is a prime example of how Hairy McScarry tips her hand. Every time.
You would think a very popular radio DJ would have at least 1 supporter following his support page, no? 

Hairy McScarry its too late to suck up to Ryder. You boasted you cost him his job.. and THAT is unforgivable. 

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