Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Someone's Mouth Is Writing Checks Her Ass Cant Cash

But we all know how that goes. I mean hell ... Im still waiting on the cease and desist order from her attorneys.

TV? Shoot, Ive been on there, and she knows she has already crossed a line from which she can not return. While all of her lies can not be proven .. my statements about her can. Ive already got ten pages of former victims willing to testify for me and against you. And please don't be so naive to think Chris or Buzznet will bail you out or stand by you. They may say they will but in the end their wallets talk to them more than you do.

Bring it on babycakes.. you're one blog post away. Just one, and now that youre threats are recorded in two countries and online (even if you delete.. they are there) it becomes federal. Hope youre not planning to cross the border anytime soon. 

Oh yes.. make that call, make that post. You've really gone over the line and there is no turning back.

Me thinks someone is butthurt because an old 40 something housewife managed to do what Brianne has always wanted to do but never could..even after all that time she spent on her knees.

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