Monday, March 12, 2012

Someone Cue Lynyrd Skynyrd

Because Brianne aka Hairy McScarry is just a fool.. just a fool.. just a fool. 

This morning I let her know that all of her online activity is being monitored. You can read about that here. This prompted Brianne to take to her Twitter account where she tweeted to one of her "friends" only problem is, there was no friend. In what can only be called a desperate and sloppy attempt, she forgot one thing. Tweets can be opened and when youre replying to someone.. it shows as a "in reply to" 
This is her tweet .. and my notes as always in red 

Of course when I tweeted out to her and called her on this craptastic fakery, she immediately deleted the tweet. 
This is my response .. again, my notes to it in red. 

You got to give the girl and A for effort and an F for Fucking looney. She is never at a loss for what she considers scare tactics. Now, she is wanting to talk to my cable/internet provider about an "urgent matter" LOL LOL LOL - She had to tweet this? Bitch please.. why not just CALL them like you have everyone else? Yeah.. thought I might be intimidated? Good luck with that Hairy McScarry. First you need the REAL names on the account as well as the password.. and umm... talk about breech of TOS'. Again, to you I say Pot.Kettle.Black. 

Isn't it funny that Brianne scatters to have websites pulled and accounts closed when she KNOWS people are onto her and others are starting more and more to believe it? 
Such typical behavior of a hairy coward.

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