Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peter Facinelli .. Victim of Retaliatory Cyber Stalker?

Has Peter really been a Randy boy, or is he just the latest in a very long line of victims (yours truly included) of Brianne Chantal Patterson? 

If I had to bet, and according to some rather incriminating emails Ive received today, I would say "yes" he has. He has become a victim.

This morning I woke to a linty of emails ( thanks Brianne for posting them all over the web) from Twilight fan who read Brianne's latest lies on Scallywags, and also happens to work at the Vancouver hotel where this affair supposedly took place. 

She writes to me that when she first saw Brianne's picture on her Scallywags bio ( which as of this writing is gone) she thought that she looked very familiar. She then noticed the rather heated exchanges between Brianne and myself, which lead her to come over here and take a look at what I was talking about when I say Brianne is a professional cyber stalker and liar to boot. 

While looking around she saw some of the other pictures that Ive posted of Hairy McScary and it was then (according to her) that she was "100% sure Brianne was the woman she saw STALKING PETER at the hotel!!" 

She tells me Brianne was following after him, begging for his time and attentions. According to my source he politely blew her off and walked away. It was then that my source noticed "the most furious hateful look on her face" and as if this was not enough my source states she overheard Brianne mumbling that he (Peter) would "pay for this" as she stomped away. 

It was soon after Scallywags (claims to have) broken the news of the split between Peter and his wife, Jennie Garth. Coincidentally ( or not ) this is also around the same time the reports from Scallywags started coming out about Peter's affair being carried on with his wife's consent.. it was also around this time that Scallywags claims to be in contact with the "mystery woman" in this affair. 

Lets also not forget that this was around the time that yet another one of Brianne's Twitter alts were born and went about trying to drum up readers for a crap blog  insensate that it was indeed Brianne who was the one ruining the marriage of Peter and Jennie. You can see all the tweets here. 

While none of us can say for sure what truly went on in these people's marriage, and frankly its none of our business. The ending of a marriage is a very sad and trying time for everyone especially if there are young children involved. 

This couple deserves their privacy and we need to give them time to heal. 

What they don't need is to fall victim to a cyber stalker who makes it her soul purpose in life to insinuate herself into anything she feels will remotely garner her attention. 

I hope for Peter's sake if what Im told is true..and I firmly believe it is .. he has his attorneys at the ready. Also I hope that he and his family can go about the process of healing and caring for their children in peace and without the interference of cyber stalkers and trouble makers such as Brianne.


No sooner than this was posted and the stuff started hitting the fan, Brianne took to her Twitter to insult the Twilight fans, calling them "Crazy" Twihards..


Eva❤ELisabeth said...

Nice blog, I'm impressed.


It sees there are a never ending number of cuber abusers who want do do nothing more than ruin the lives of innocent victims just to garner attention be it negative or positive.