Monday, March 12, 2012

Now You See - Now You Dont

Sorry y'all. I took down the CaseyAnthony video story and put it back in drafts.  I felt too bullyish posting it even w/ permission. 

If you saw it good. If now..sorry. Enough damage has been done I don't want to inflict more on other people (with the exception of Harry McScary, but she's not human so she doesn't count)  not even to alleviate my own misery. 

Opening that all up again, I just cant do. I got away from it.. I want to stay away from it.

I ask of you, if you saw it let others know it was real, and please do not bother the person I named in it. She is as innocent in this as we were/are in the release.. she just copied it from another page.

 In the end, it really doesn't matter what I post about it, those who believe us will always believe us, and those that don't want to.. never will. 

Its the way of the world. Ive accepted the fact that I can not change it.

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