Monday, March 12, 2012

My Post Brings All The Readers To The Blogs -

So tonight I open up my email and I have one from Christopher Koulouris. For those of you who dont know who that is, he is the "Editor in Chief" of Scallywags and Vagabonds, the ultimate, high class *cough gag spit* blog Harry McScarry Brianne plagiarizes others writings and claims as her own  writes for. 

Apparently their readership and blog hits must be down as she had to pull all the stops out and write about little old me to get some action on her posts. Sad that she had to comment to her own post though, but we all know that is pretty typical of her. 

So this is what Chris writes to me : 

Old boy must be new to this whole email thing because he forgot to take off Harry McScarry's reply to him about it before sending his email to me. 
 "To start the drama" - Really?

My response to Chris 
  No drama... queen. 

Just truth. 

Cold hard 


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