Monday, March 19, 2012

Gone.. Or Gone For Now?

It would seem that Brianne has packed it in and moved on.... it would seem. 

Why did this happen? How did this happen? Is she running, hiding? My answer would be yes, but I will tell you what I can and let you decide. 

Lets go back to this past Saturday night, early Sunday morning on Twitter. Im up because of a headache so I decide to peek in and see what was going on. In one part, Ive learned never to look on Twitter at that time of morning.. but on the other hand, Im glad I did. 

Darlings let me tell you I while I wasnt really shocked at what I saw, I was pissed. Pissed and seeing red. 

It would appear that  after having her  (Brianne) Twitter account locked all day, it was not only open but she was lamenting "death threats" she was receiving . See them here  and here.   and 'whoever' was making the tweets was making them sound like not only was I complacent in them, I was somehow behind them. OH.HELL.NO. This would not do. I do not now nor have I ever condoned violence. 

I had ENOUGH. I got on the phone and I called law enforcement. An officer arrived and watched the tweets going out and called in another officer. This one arrived with his own computer and set up. 

While I can not comment on the specifics of it all, because it is an ongoing investigation, I can say that screen shots were obtained, of blogs, Twitter accts, etc. Lets just say that whoever is behind them may find themselves in a big pile of trouble. Its called inciting panic and retaliation. 

True to form Brianne took to her (now erased) blog and announced she was "Walking away from (me) Holly Briley" See it here.  But not before declaring all over Twitter and her blog that if anything happened to her it would be my fault, there is more of that inciting retaliation and subsequently possibly putting my life in dangers. They can be seen here  and here.   

She must not be too afraid as the next day she took to her Twitter again and announced where she would be for the next week.. even giving a map! I wont post these links, but they have been forwarded on to the proper authorities.

Honestly quite ridiculous considering the line of people she has pissed off, defamed, harassed and stalked before me would wind around the block at least 10 times. 

I hesitated in writing this post and wish that I could go into greater details, but I can not because as as I say, its an ongoing investigation, but since I got so many emails, pms, dms and such about it asking if I was alright, I decided to release as much as I could... and to let you know ..Im just fine.


Anonymous said...

how can i contact you anonymously? brianne went after me last year, even impersonating me online.

H - said...

You can just tell me in a comment or leave me an email address to contact you. Since comments are moderated, I will be the only one who sees it.