Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Give It Up Baby Cakes - Youre Lies Are Busted Again

So leave it to Brianne to twist FACTS and lie in a desperate attempt to cause me and my family more trouble. 

As many of you who know me know that my husband and I have made two trips to the tornado ravaged area of Indiana, I wont say the name because I don't want her special brand of ugly associated with those kind, wonderful people. We never made it secret that we did this, but we never bragged about it either.

Before our last trip we asked our community for donations to take with us and our local paper wrote about it. We did not seek out the article, but rather I placed a small ad in our local freebie. This is the original picture that appeared 

We simply asked for things they needed. THINGS .. because you cant use money if the stores are not opened or your house/car have been trashed so badly you cant drive it far enough away to purchase THINGS. 

This didn't stop Brianne and Chris from making it out to be what it was/is not, and when I mentioned this in the comments section of the trash article Scallywags wrote about us, she decided to ramp it up a notch and beg that people report us to the IRS. 

I really do hope that everyone does this, and then when they end up in a pound me in the ass federal prison for giving false information to the IRS, they can blame Brianne who will be tucked away in her mother's basement making notes in the notebooks (where) she keeps track of all of her lies and online personas.

Give it up Brianne... I can smell your desperation from here.

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