Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Calling All Sasquatches

It would appear that Brianne has made yet another alt to chat me up with on Twitter. Honestly I dont know how she keeps up with all her different accounts, names and passwords! 

This one's name is Sasquatch! Twitter name @Bigfootintown. This name was lovingly given to her by other tweeters because she is such a hairy beast. I guess she thought I wouldn't catch on, but like so many other times, she gives herself away. She always tweets directly to me and when I finally get tired of playing and call her out, the real Brianne comes out.

Since Ive already called this one out.. the nasty should be coming at any time. 

Im kind of hoping this one stays around ..but Im sure if it doesn't, there will be thousands of others set to take its place.

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