Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bye Bye Baby McScarry - We Barely Knew Ye ...

... mainly because you were made up, but still..I was kind of looking forward to the faked ultrasounds and birthing tweets. 

For weeks now Brianne has been tweeting about "waiting about news that would change her life"  morning sickness, her "mini me" she even said I sent her text messages stating that I hope she lost her baby. It goes without saying that I did NOT do that. I never believed her, but never said what she accused me of.

Today on Twitter several Tweeters called her out on some of her most recent Tweets stating she gave up caffeine because of acid reflux ( never mind caffeine is bad for baby) and how she had to take so much Advil because of the headaches.. again.. Advil? Bad for baby. 

 Of course she really didnt address this with anyone calling her on it. Then today, I got a hit on this blog from Burnaby BC (her town) when I tracked it, it came from an Adoption Agency in Burnaby 

 I tweeted this, she got butt hurt, cried to Twitter and they took them down, but not before she the tweeter, Sasquatch took to the controls and tried to do some damage control by tweeting this is where she worked 

Now I have no idea what this cracked out psycho was doing at an adoption agency, hopefully she wasnt trying to steal a baby! Whatever she was doing there I can guarantee is was NOT baby related! I was even good enough to give her an out by leaving the other addresses near that lat/long .. maybe she can say she was there?

The only thing I do know is she was BUSTED again .. and she knew it.Which is why she scrubbed her pregnant tweets and tweeted this - 

Talk about selective memory... I guess Hairy McScary thinks if she scrubs her tweets and denies she ever said such things, everyone will just forget. 

She would be wrong!

But thank you for confirming what Ive been saying all along!

So bye bye fake baby McScary. Bye Bye 

UPDATE - 3/15/2012:
The above tweet denying she ever said she was pregnant has now magically disappeared. I dont know how it happened, because Brianne says she has no need to delete anything. Must be those tweet erasing fairies. You know the ones, they are hairy.. really scary .. and run to cover their asses when BUSTED.

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Anonymous said...

brianne is a very well-known figure in a small online community. it should be said that i believe a few years ago she had a child of her own that she later put up for adoption. i cannot verify this personally because i had dropped her from my life by that time (unofficially cutting ties seems to stop her from going batshit crazy...)

she used to have a brief stint working as a music promoter or something to such a job, her old myspace used to have numerous photos of her with random musicians. or maybe she stalked them all lol

maybe she did not have a child and used photographs another person's child as her own... would not surprise me

you have only reached the tip of the iceberg for what she has done in the past. she loves the attention and drama, so as long as you keep this blog up you'll continue to strike comedic gold... keep up the good work