Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bully In Ohio??

That Kindle essay  book of lies and defamation that Brianne wrote about yours truly is gone?

Where did it go? 

Could it be that she pulled it because of all of the rave reviews  it received? 

Did she pull it because she caught wind of the fact that I was planning to claim all the proceeds from all the copies sold ( all NONE of them) because she wrote this book without my permission and it was in fact a work of defamation? 

Does she know that I have the same plans for any further work of fiction about me or my family she decides she wants to conjure up?

Did someone finally set her wise to the fact that while she lives in Canada, she still plays by the rules/laws of the US when publishing anything like this in/for an entity or business that is located in the US? 

Yes, she may kick herself when she reads this, but because of her writing about us.. not just on her blog, because that only helps, but because of her lies being picked up by set up 'legal' businesses ( Scallywags, etc) she has helped to make us (in the eyes of the law) "public personalities" and casting us in defamatory or negative light now holds a higher penalty for her.. and the outlets in the US that picks her up. 

Sorry Bri Bri ... you wanted to be famous and in trying to become as such by defaming us, you've hurt yourself and given me much more leverage than you know.

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