Friday, March 16, 2012

Brianne Takes On Twilight Fans- Is Now Feeling The Heat

If there is one thing you do not do in this world, it is to mess with a Twilight fan. Brianne is finding this out the hard way. 

Yesterday I posted that it was none other than Hairy McScary herself that fabricated  the story of the other woman who Peter Facinelli was supposed to have had an illicit tryst with in a Vancouver hotel and within moments of my Tweeting it out the fans, as they should have, became enraged and took to the airwaves. 

This even prompted a subtlety threatening email from Chris of Scallywags to me last night stating there would be "consequences" for harassing and defamation ( pot.. and in true Brianne fashion she chimed in on the email. See below:
 Well dears they must have been up all night long concocting what came next as I awoke this morning to emails and alerts prompting me to look at Hairy's blog and Tweets. 

It would appear to anyone who isnt aware of their tactics that they have parted ways in a most un-civil manner. As I say ... it would appear.

Brianne spent the better part of the night tweeting her faux shock and contempt at/for Chris. There are too many tweets to post here, but you can view them in all of their gory glory here. 

Our little hairy, cloven hoofed Bri Bri didnt stop there. Oh no..she took to her blog,which to date had been reserved to promote her Kindle book of lies  about yours truly as well as other various lies and half baked theories, and wrote what can be described as a desperate attempt to back peddle and cover her hairy butt.

 Again the post is too long to screen shot and post here, but you can view it here.  And yes.. they are complete with the fake text message screen shots  and comments ( she makes to her own blog under different names) she is so famous for.

Now as I say to the reader who is not aware of her past or their past of 'I quit, no you're fired' song and dance to bolster web hits, the most recent one used had my name falsely attached to it, it would appear they have parted ways. 

Don't be fooled. I am not..but to be ultra sure I dropped Chris an email welcoming him to under the bus, and his rather flippant response and wording pretty much confirmed to me this is just another ruse by these two to gain blog hits by keeping the controversy stirring.

Clearly this lie wasn't thought out too well. She claims he "begged" her to write "false" aritcles, then in the same breath states HE wrote the articles and put her name to them. This begs the question .. why didn't he just write the "false" articles she claims he begged her to write?

Im sure we will see this saga played out for days to come.. their dance seems to be a rather complicated and long gyrating version of the worlds longest line dance ever. 

Cue the music ...

UPDATE:  March16,2012 11:46 AM:
MORE proof that this is just another song and dance choreographed between the two of them. Chris takes to his blog to trash Brianne... but NOT one mention of the horrible lies she has written and he has posted about me. Why would they be holding onto those gems without mention? It gets the big side eye from me.. mainly because Im well aware of their tactics.One has to wonder why he didnt check her credibility out before hiring her.. its because he already KNEW about her and her history.
- Hopefully my commenting on the above linked post will encourage others to seek the truth about her/them too.

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