Monday, March 12, 2012

Brianne Calls Herself "Colorful"

More specifically she calls her internet posting history colorful, which is like saying Hitler was just a  little misunderstood man with a funny mustache.

This is a quote from one of her most recent lie filled post about me. 

Dont you just love how she forgets all of the blogs, posts and lies she has written about me and my family.. hell, she even wrote an entire Kindle book full of lies about me. Well, its really not so much of a book as it is an essay. Im told its around 20 pages of rehashed lies from her past blogs about me. Bless her poor heart, she took such a flaming on the comments, she had to make yet another new identity to post that one good comment about it. 

 The above was posted by @AtomFelony on Twitter - You can read the entire thing as well as the narrative here.  Now admittedly Ive got my own issues with Atom, that is not a secret, but this particular poster sure has Brianne and her special brand of crazy nailed perfectly. 

Speaking of crazy, I do believe Brianne is slipping, she is forgetting to write down all of her lies in her notebook or thinks because she deleted the posts on her blog that no one will remember. She would be wrong. 

Now she seems to think that my son is the posters Amelia Sobel and Atom Felony. Does she not remember that she contacted my son and even posted his Facebook page on her now deleted blog? Does she not remember that she took great pride in posting his response to her (about Jon and I) that stated he no longer speaks  to us because we are "crazy?"  She loved printing that one, but failed to get the reason he no longer speaks to us. I wont go into the gory details but suffice it to say, he doesn't speak to us because I had him arrested.. yes this mama practices tough love. I love my children more than anything, but I don't play that coddle and make excuses for them game.This is one of her many deluded tweets from today about this
She also must forget that once upon a time she was so desperate for information that she took out a Craig's List ad looking for information. SHE may have forgotten this, but we did not. 

Brianne, maybe you need to come up out of that basement you live in and get a little air to your brain, its beginning to atrophy. And before you run and post this all in your colorful little blog, you should know that it is being monitored as is all of your other accounts (twitter, annechantal, scallywags, etc) Yes.. one of your Twitter buds really hates your ass. Think about that the next time you want to post colorful. 

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