Monday, February 27, 2012

Busted Down In Burnaby - Trying To Be Sane

Good Gawd Y'all, our favorite little psychopath must be so exhausted these days. 

Not only is she pregnant *cough* *hack* *bullshit* but she just moved to be with her fiance *cough* *hack* *bullshit* and to top all of this off, she still finds time to be a snippy little gossip monger for the online rag Scallywags. You would think that this would leave her little time to create new alts on Twitter or to answer her own blog posts with different names, never mind mocking up fake emails from fake lawyers, but our little hairy beast Brianne Chantal Patterson is a real trooper. Oh yes y'all she is. Her latest Twitter activity proves it. 

Since Friday night she has invented at least 4 new accounts all with the intent of befriending me to feed me false information (she thought I didnt know) while appealing to me to "not engage" her. Be the "better person" and in true Bri Bri fashion (exactly like she did when Jon busted her for lying on the Boycott Page) the alts turned ugly. These are just a few I've met since then. 

Most of the conversations with the alts took place out in the open, and if she hasnt deleted them, you can see them on my Twitter timeline. The DMs though you can not which is why I screen shot the one and only series of DMs I had with one of her alts. Normally I dont give them much of my time, but this particular one I decided I wanted to play with to see how far it would go.  When I finally terminated the conversation and in the open announced it was on block, it did what? AWWW you guessed it. It turned ugly. Here is the conversation from start to finish. Just click the links to see the screen shots. Twelve in total. 

 You ask me why this recent onslaught started.. well Im going to tell you. I opened this blog back up and all of her dirty little secrets spilled out. I also made mention of the last Police report she made to our local Police department. She doesn't like to have her lies revealed.

You can find the reports here: 

Ive redacted some of the more sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers and such, but you can get the full reports by contacting the number at the top of the pages. Its public information.

As to why Ive not ceased and desisted?

Im still Shocking The Monkey


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