Friday, February 24, 2012

Brianne's Buttering Me Up "Anonymously"? #Fail

So RadioNewzBlog outs Brianne as the psycho stalker she is and well I guess this made Brianne not only panic and little bit, but stoop to desperate measures. And by desperate, I mean trying to chat/butter me up on Twitter .. anonymously of course. 

No sooner than the outing of the decade took place did "Anonymous" (herebutanon) show up on the scene following me and trying to tell me to be the bigger person, be nice, leave Brianne alone.. blah .. blah .. blah ..
(see screen shots in case they mysteriously disappear) going oldest to newest -

I countered with on Twitlonger

- who are you? have you lived the last 2 mos w/ her torturing you and spreading bullshit lies about you? Endangering YOUR daughter so much so she cant walk by herself on campus .. has to have security walk with her? Has she and her ass monkeys stolen your identity and opened up bogus accounts in YOUR name? Has she contacted Your neighbors? Your local police dept so much that they finally had to tell her to STOP calling?
No.. didnt think so. Dont mean to sound harsh .. but I'VE lived it and seeing her skank evil psychotic ass squirm makes me smile. Appreciate your input though. :)
And it was then the true identity of "Anonymous" came out - none other than Brianne Chantal Patterson - Cyberstalker and Psychopath

 Bri Bri .. you're slipping old girl... Pressure getting to ya??

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