Thursday, February 23, 2012

BREAKING : Brianne Is SOOO Dramatic - And Deluded

Guess she can dish it out, but cant take it? Few little tweets to her "friends" and blogs about her and she channels a brand new dramatic personality that would make Frances Farmer appear to be sane. 

Bitch even has some of her "anonymous" friends on Twitter honking about the same "anonymous" friend that was talking nice to me.. Im not alone in thinking this "anonymous" was indeed Brianne herself.... she has an entire catalog of alts.. this is a well known fact. 

For some bizarre reason she honestly thinks that I anyone in their right mind would remotely buy this act. Or would think that I would throw away the rest of my life  for a fatherless psychotic skank like her! Please.. she is just not worth it. Besides, Im sure there are MANY people much closer to her that would beat me to get to her.

She posted this little drama laced delusion on her blog tonight, and since I made a comment that she will no doubt not approve or re-write to show a lie .. Im showing it here now. 

Maybe Scallywags will sent her to the Oscar's this year .. like they sent her to the Grammys. Still waiting for that write up of hers.. really, wouldnt one think that would have been the first thing she wrote about?? Havent seen a thing. 

Once again...... liar liar pants on fire Brianne. 

As I expected - she only posted half of my comment .. and got so many of her "friends" (her other accounts) to post support -

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