Sunday, February 26, 2012

Are You Being Served ? I Am.

Don't be jealous, y'all. LOL 

Yet again Brianne serves me with legal papers. Ive only been waiting for a month and half now. 

Guess she thinks because she has wiped out all of her defamatory blog about my family and I, she's safe.... good thing I have every single page saved and screen shots as well. 

Rest assured dear readers, I am not at all worried. This is just another one of her desperate attempts at attention and sympathy. But most of all its yet another failed attempt, much like the rash of her recent alts on Twitter, to scare or convince me into not posting all of her dirty little secrets. One day I will, but for now.. its all about a pound of flesh.

Here is her sad little screen shot regarding my cease and desist letter. You know I'll be waiting anxiously by my mailbox for it. 


kimpossible said...

Went on that Law website and didn't find anyone named Jared Reed? Not a lawyer, paralegal,or assistant. Weird.

Anonymous said...

This "Brianne" person is out of control...nothing she does makes any sense,& for what?Someone needs 2 put a stop 2 her stupid,childish rants....get her off the www.......