Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Countries - 2 Police Reports

 Brianne saw fit to post our 19 year old daughter's facebook page link along with screen shots of it and her picture and the name of the college she attends  (she justified this by saying "it was public" and we "should tell her to set it private") the daughter started getting a lot of creepy messages and requests.. some were subtly threatning, we had to arrange for campus security to escort her to/from her classes and wherever else she has to go on campus. She also told us that she knew people here in Ohio and could come across the border anytime for a visit with only a passport and ID insenuating she could visit the daughter/us or the have her "friends" visit us/daughter.

Because of this and on advice of the attorney that helped to settle my mother's estate we filed a police report in the event anything should happen, there would be a record and a point to a suspect. We filed one here in our town and they in return liaised w/ the RCMP. We also spoke to the RCMP in her area. We've actually done this on more than one occasion. The last time we spoke w/ a constable in her area we were told by them that she was "well known and (they) had many reports on her for similar occurrences with different people" also this constable told us "she has problems."

Here is a link to the one Police report we made in our area :
Page One:
 Page Two:

You can request a copy of all the reports we have made as well as the ones she called here and made, the last time however she did this ( was also faxing them) they finally had to tell her to stop calling as there was nothing they could do... all you have to do is call the number on the top of the page. Since it is public record, it has to be released.

If you would like to request a copy of the Canadian report go to  
from there you will be prompted where to go to download request. The cost is $5.00 - be sure to ask for File No. 2012-3580

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