Monday, January 23, 2012


In what universe would anyone in their right mind call what Brianne Chantal Patterson does online with her stalking, lying and such "youthful and colorful internet posting?" Seriously dude you need to back off the crack pipe and tell Brianne to close her legs. Between the crack and the stench of that nasty hairy thing (more on how I know that later.. but believe me.. people LOVE to email me about her) your brain has turned to mush.

Apparently @HollysHere aka Holly Briley must believe that she and only she knows how to use Goggle to search… as she is posting everything known to mankind about Brianne Chantal Patterson! LOL!!Everything has been Googled about Patterson for months… it is no secret about her youthful and colorful internet posting past. None at all!!!But for some reason following a blog post by Patterson, reposted here btw, Holly has gone on a scorched earth campaign of outing every bit of what most already knew about Brianne. If so innocent of the post that was made … why all this nonsense? Very similar to what happened to the Texas Judges daughter who he beat with a belt… she to had a youthful and colorful internet posting past and all of that got exposed… but it did not change the truth that he beat her with a belt..

Beat her with a belt? Please.. Im a peace loving person. No beating necessary..

The above quoted article appeared in the online rag RadioNewzBlog.

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