Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brianne's Web Hosting Company

Let me first Say that I cannot and will not tell anyone what they should or should not do.
I will say that I am trying to go the legal route on this person. I have contacted Brianne’s web hosting company and are awaiting their reply.
If anyone was to agree with us on the matter of subject being posted about our family and thought it was wrong, they also could voice there opinion on this matter also.
If someone is in the legal field and has some advice for us to pursue this, I would not mind sending me an email. It just could be I’m not being told the right things by our reps. too. I don’t know as I’m not a lawyer and don’t pretend to be.the web Hosting company for the web site is..

Layered Technologies Inc.

Their email is

The site that Brianne uses is…..

I will let you know how this legal process goes as I have info available..

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