Sunday, January 22, 2012


So less than an hour ago Brianne Chantal Peterson tweeted she was not going to waste any more time on us:

But it got the better of her and now she must be scared. Ive been contacted in the last hour by several of the media outlets watching this unfold and have told them everything I know about this psychotic girl. Needless to say they were very interested.
Well in her last and I must say usual line of defense she is taking to her Twitter to declare her/our desperation and begging for help to get our blog taken down because she is afraid for innocent people’s lives. Hmm. I dont recall her being concerned for innocent lives when she posted and linked our children’s information along with their friends and friends families names, locations placed of employment out.Not to mention her posting the address of a Jon C Briley in Sarasota, Florida and claiming it was us. Not even the right Jon Briley. Wrong middle initial ..and definitely if I had a home in Sarasota I’d be there right now because baby its cold up here. What about it Brianne, they’re innocent too, you didn’t seem to concerned about them. And please don’t even give me that bullshit that I involved a producers (Jim Lichtenstein) children in this. I did not. Many did, but my beef was not with his children, its with him and him alone. Unlike you I don’t drag innocent people into thing. When  I think about it, I think she maybe she is more afraid that what we put out there is THE TRUTH and this little psycho has made many an enemy along the way.. and THAT is why she is afraid.
In what I find another bizarre turn of events there are a few of the lesser known, lesser respected blogs that say that cant post what we write because it contains so much personal information, yet they gladly posted OUR personal information. Hmmm.. Maybe that Dirty(dot) com article about Brianne being an easy piece is not so far off the mark to begin with.
See her pleas for help .. you know for the “innocent people” more like for herself because she is afraid because she knows we are RIGHT!

You crossed the line little Missy when you brought in innocent people. We have people crawling out of the woodwork to out you, and after two weeks of your nonstop lies and defamation .. Im taking it all in … AND POSTING IT!
** If anyone has information on this Brianne Chantal/ Anne Chantal Patterson, pls submit it to us in a post. Since the comments are moderated before they are posted no one but us will see them **

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