Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Caught Committing Identity Theft -Again

This morning I woke up to a brand new Google Alert in my inbox. When I followed the link it took me to Wikia and a page made with my name and picture on it. View in full size by clicking HERE. May need to click twice to enlarge image.

I knew I didn't make it but judging by the links on the page it was a pretty sure bet as to who did make it. Your favorite (sarcasm) cyber-stalker and mine .. . Brianne Chantal Patterson aka Hairy McScary. 

One brief email to Wikia and BOOM the page was all gone. 

Later Brianne Chantal Patterson was spotted on her front lawn expressing her opinion of being busted and beaten at her own game. Again. 


Speaking Of Forgery 

 If It Weren't So Pathetic And Desperate - It Would Almost Be Laughable  

  A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Port Charles #GH #RyanPaevey

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brianne Chantal Patterson Challenges Respected Journalist Diane Dimond To A Polygraph Test

In a follow up to yesterday's post Brianne Chantal Patterson is now openly if not subtlety calling respected, journalist Diane Dimond a liar, she is simultaneously proving it was indeed her behind the Twitter alt account @briannechantal5 by issuing the same challenge this alt account did in her "updated" comment. 

 Diane once wrote a book titled Be Careful Who You Love. Brianne should probably be careful who she trolls. 

Brianne never fails to (try and) twist a lie story to suit her own needs.
I did not "question" Diane about this .. I made a tweet to someone else about it following up on a joke from earlier in the day. Diane Dimond questioned me about it and I was more than happy to tell her.


Monday, April 21, 2014

More of Brianne Chantal Patterson's Lies Debunked

In a message posted to me on her blog, Brianne Chantal Patterson made a comment (back to herself) in which she not only eludes to the fact that FBI telling her they have "quite a file" on me, but she also tried to implicate Diane Diamond in her lies by saying she told her that I was a "dangerous individual." 

You can read the blog post by clicking HERE (you may have to click twice to enlarge enough to read), updated 4/22/14.  I wont post it because frankly it contains many of her already debunked lies and twists to the truth on her part. Oh how she loves to twists those facts to suit her needs.The comment in question is below: 

On Twitter later that evening Diane Diamond responded to this lie Brianne told. Responded and debunked it. 

This debunking did not set well with Brianne as she quickly birthed a new alt account and proceeded to (try) to harass myself and Diane... even going to far as to challenge her to a  polygraph test! While she has since deleted the tweets associated with this account, they still exist in screen shots below. 

As to the FBI and their file on me. . . it wouldn't surprise me as I did quite a lot of extensive coverage on the Steubenville rape case. .. but seeing as how Ive recently passed an FBI/BCI background check for pre-employment, I'm pretty certain the "extensive" file is nothing at all. Another Brianne Chantal Patterson lie - Debunked!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Ben Briley of American Idol Newest Victim Of Notorious Cyberstalker Brianne Chantal Patterson

As posted on her blog, Brianne Chantal Patterson libels Ben Briley of American Idol simply because he and I share the same last name. Yet another example of her depravity. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Enjoys Strange Murder Fantasies

Surely there is a name for someone like Brianne Chantal Patterson who entertains and seemingly enjoys fantasies of murder and/or being murdered,or victimized in general as this is a recurring theme with her.

While I don't know the proper psychological term for it .. I'll just call it NUTS! 

This little gem was tweeted by Brianne this morning."A hit" Who talks like that?? LMAO! McScary, you've been watching too many mobster movies again. A hit. LOL LOL LOL 

Brianne Chantal Patterson's Blog Tags Proves She Stalks And Targets My Family

This is not the first time Ive covered this, but it bears repeating. She denies it, but her own postings prove Brianne does indeed stalk and targets my family simply as a means to get to me as she continues to tag my family members names on her post.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyways.. her claims.. about me and most especially my family are false.. but that is her stock and trade.. False information... LIES if you will. 

It is beyond me as to why she would want to ruin or attempt to ruin the lives of my family, especially my children simply because she hates me, but it does speak volumes to her true nature.. her true self. She is unspeakably evil and mentally twisted and this just proves once again there is no level she will stoop to in her efforts to destroy those she dislikes or has determined got what she thinks she deserves.

Regardless of her attempts, she will ( as she always does) fail. She will forever be irrelevant and jealous of not only me... but my entire family. 

Brianne Chantal Patterson Accuses Twitter Of Breaching Their Own Privacy Policy

Normally I would not provide a link to Brianne's blog, but this is an exception. 

In this post titled Holly Briley lies, lies and lies some more Brianne claims that Twitter breached their own privacy policy by giving her " pertinent information" " confirming that it was, in fact, Holly Briley who created the Twitter accounts, as they are connected to her IP address."

If you dont want to go to her blog ... and who could blame you .. below is a screen shot of the entire post as it appears today, complete with the url attached. 

You can read about the Twitter accounts she is referring to by clicking HERE

Needless to say Twitter did not give her any such information about my IP being associated with these accounts .. not only because my IP isnt associated with these accounts, but because it would open up a whole can of legal worms for them. 

This is just another lie told by the biggest one of them all, Brianne Chantal Patterson.